The competitor of the new iPhone SE in Russia fell to 15 thousand rubles

Becoming an owner iPhone is an obsession with most users Android. No matter how they try to convince everyone otherwise, you can't fool yourself. Therefore, all materials on our site that describe how to turn Android into iPhone are invariably the most read. But since this cannot be fully implemented, it is customary for users to look for so-called analogs iPhone on Android. That is, smartphones that actually have nothing to do with iPhone, but at least are close to them from a conceptual point of view.

The competitor of the new iPhone SE in Russia fell to 15 thousand rubles

Galaxy A51 is a real competitor to the iPhone SE 2020 despite the price

Galaxy A51, which can be considered a full-fledged competitor to iPhone SE at Android, dropped in price to 15 thousand rubles. In fact, retailers have already lowered the price to this level several times in the past, but then these were one-time promotions. Now, as we can observe, this is quite a ubiquitous trend that can be observed at once in several retail chains that have the status of an official reseller of Samsung smartphones. Moreover, in some cases, the price can be reduced even more, for example, by using coupons, bonus points or by participating in the trade-in program.

Where to buy cheap Galaxy A51

The competitor of the new iPhone SE in Russia fell to 15 thousand rubles

15 thousand rubles is a great price for a smartphone like the Galaxy A51

As of July 25, the simplest and safest of all is the $ 14,990 Galaxy A51 on Tmall. You just need to add your smartphone to the cart, enter the promo code ZZCL1500, which is given on the product page, and confirm the order.

In '' Galaxy A51 can be purchased for 13,990 rubles, but this price is offered only to participants in the trade-in program. Unlike recycling, which is often carried out on this network, in this case you will need to hand over a smartphone from a strictly defined list, which may not be convenient for everyone.

Well, if you don’t trust anyone at all, except for the official representative office of Samsung in Russia, you can buy the Galaxy A51 from him. True, there its price will be neither more nor less, 16,990 rubles for the promo code LETO2000, which is no longer as profitable as in other retail chains.

Why buy the Galaxy A51

The competitor of the new iPhone SE in Russia fell to 15 thousand rubles

Wow! Galaxy A51 in Russia is almost three times cheaper than in the USA

Despite the fact that the Galaxy A51 is equipped with a far from flagship processor, it has a rather large display and, as a result, a body, not to mention the price, it is still considered a competitor iPhone SE 2020. Here are just a few main reasons:

  • Yes, the Galaxy A51's processor is indeed non-flagship, but it's still one of the most powerful. Perhaps, if we draw analogies, it can be compared with the Snapdragon 730, which ranks third in the ranking of processors.
  • The Galaxy A51's display measures 6.5 inches, which is of course larger than the 4.7 inches that the iPhone SE offers. But since the Samsung display occupies more than 90% of the front panel, its body is only slightly larger than that of an iPhone.
  • The price of Galaxy A51, for which I started writing this post, also does not seem to compete with the iPhone SE. But this is only in Russia. In the USA, whose market is usually taken as a reference, both devices are sold for 399 dollars and are considered the most that neither is competitors.

I think you've noticed that I write about the Galaxy A51 quite often. I really like its flagship design, which makes the smartphone indistinguishable from the Galaxy S20, its large and high-quality AMOLED display, elegantly thin body, fast charging support and an excellent camera consisting of four modules. Despite the fact that the macro lens and ultra-wide are frankly useless components, the main module and telephoto do their job just fine, giving cool and juicy images in any shooting conditions.

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