The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

This year, no matter what, we will definitely see Huawei Mate 40! There is no reason to doubt this even against the background of the sanctions that the US government imposed on Huawei last year and extended this. That is, no one is going to shoot them, but Huawei has a Chinese market that can digest literally everything. Even taking into account serious problems with sales in the international market, you should not forget about the top models. It is too early to say exactly what the new Huawei Mate 40 will be, but now a concept has been released that looks very unusual and fully corresponds to the spirit of the model. That is, to call him bold, in the sense of fantastic, the language does not turn. The concept is made in such a way that the new smartphone will be able to match it well.

The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

This smartphone will definitely be. The question is what it will be.

What Huawei Mate 40 might look like

The concept I want to talk about today appeared in China. It looks very beautiful, but the question of its practicality remains open. The main thing is that according to the images, the screen of the proposed novelty should have almost no frames.

The new Huawei Mate 40, according to the concept, should be made of glass and metal. The screen of the smartphone goes over to the side frames somewhat resembling the screen-waterfall, which was in last year's Huawei Mate 30. The main feature of the concept is the absence of a cutout or a hole in the screen. According to the author's idea, the camera should be under the screen.

On the one hand, it may seem fantastic, but in reality, prototypes of such a camera already exist, just companies are in no hurry to release them to the market, since the quality of photographs leaves much to be desired. Sometime this obstacle must be overcome. Most likely, this will happen in the very near future. So why not in Huawei Mate 40 then?

Such an innovation would now Huawei come in handy more than ever. Against the background of all the difficulties that the company has been experiencing lately, it needs a technological breakthrough like air. If such a solution is actually applied, everyone will benefit. In this case, all smartphones next year will have such a camera. Huawei in this case, if he correctly patented the technology, he can make very good money on royalties. For this technology, flagship manufacturers will definitely pay.

The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

When the screen has no holes or cutouts, this is very good.

Possible characteristics Huawei Mate 40

From the rest of the concept, we can note the already (finally) standard USB Type-C connector, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a logo on the rear wall and a SIM card tray on the bottom edge next to the speaker.

The back wall is very similar to that of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. It will house a round module of cameras, of which there will be five. Naturally, one of them will have a periscope design.

The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

It makes sense that the camera can stay round.

The LED flash and auxiliary sensor are located on the left side of this “washer” of the camera. Largely because of this location, we can say that the author of the concept has run out of imagination, but this is not entirely true. There are similarities with last year's model, but the central location of the camera in the Huawei Mate series has become commonplace. So anything can be.

Of course, you have to be honest with yourself, because this is what the new smartphone will almost certainly not be like. This is not even a leak, but simply a statement by a person on the subject of what he would like to see in a new smartphone. But it looks good. I would happily try this in practice, although I have some complaints about the waterfall screen in Huawei Mate 30.

The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

Screen-waterfall for an amateur.

When Huawei Mate 40 comes out

Despite the news that relatively recently slipped in the feeds of thematic portals that in a couple of months we are waiting for, if not Huawei Mate 40 in person, then at least its light version, most likely still long away.

Now we can say with a great deal of confidence that the new product should be released at about the same time as last year's device, that is, in the fourth quarter of this year. It should run on a Kirin 1000 processor and get Android 11 with a new version of the proprietary EMUI shell. Naturally, there will be no Google services.

The Chinese showed the concept Huawei Mate 40. Many will want this phone

Of course USB Type-C. What else?

There will be plenty of RAM and internal memory, and the screen will have FullHD or QHD resolution with a high refresh rate – perhaps even 120 Hz.

There will almost certainly be two versions – Huawei Mate 40 and Huawei Mate 40 Pro. However, not all markets will have a choice and almost certainly the new product will be sold according to the same model in the country.

I would like to believe that by the time the new product is released, the AppGallery app store will be better. If everything that is in Google Play does not appear in it, I would still like to see it more convenient. This will allow you to recommend the smartphone for purchase. Although, not everything is so bad now. I was convinced of this when I use Huawei P40 Pro for a month. Of course, there is still work to do, but now it is heaven and earth in comparison with what it was last year.

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