The best phone for 1000 rubles

We are here discussing phones for 1000 dollars, but why not take and consider options for 1000 rubles? Many people own expensive gadgets that are not always convenient to carry with them. Are you ready to use the Galaxy Note 10 all the time? Even outdoors? And we are about it. As a rule, users need an additional phone for making calls, which could be used in all situations where it is a pity to take an expensive device for 100 thousand with them. And in this case, this article will help you choose such a device.

The best phone for 1000 rubles

Choosing the best phone for 1000 rubles

So let's see what we can buy for 1000 rubles both in Russian retail and on Aliexpress. We'll start with the last site. Surprisingly, ali has very few options for this price. If you want the cheapest push-button phone, it's much easier to buy one in Russia for 390 rubles. We are talking about Digma Linx A105N 2G. However, we do not need the cheapest, but the best within 1000 rubles, so we do not consider this option.

L8STAR BM70 – Finger-sized phone

The best phone for 1000 rubles

Compact smartphone for ridiculous money

A compact L8STAR BM70 is available on Aliexpress for 995 rubles. This is not a bad option for those who really want a compact phone. It has a processor MTK and a 0.66-inch OLED screen, which is pretty cool.

Aiek M5 Card – Credit Card Form Factor

Aiek M5 Card can be purchased for 888 rubles. Its main feature is the slim body and size of a credit card. It can be easily put into your wallet. In this case, there is no question of any OLED screen, and the screen itself is too small here even for your money.

Samsung Galaxy Ace in 2020?

For 1000-1500 rubles on Aliexpress, we have a phone at Android – Samsung Galaxy Ace. Once it was a very popular device, and today it can even be purchased as a main device, if, of course, you are experiencing strong financial difficulties.

Irbis SP402 – the most functional phone for your money

So, we got to Russian retail, because there is nothing more interesting on Aliexpress. For 1490 rubles you can buy SP402 for Android 8. This is probably the best option in terms of functionality for your money. And if I were you, I would add 500 rubles and purchase this particular device. The phone runs on Android Go and offers millions of popular apps to its owners. The best thing for this money simply cannot be found.

Nokia 105 Single SIM – Best Cheap Push Button Phone

For 1190 rubles, the Nokia 105 is available in Russian retail with a 1.77-inch screen, built-in radio, “Snake”, “Tetris” and a capacious 800 mAh battery. This is probably the best option for anyone looking for a quality push-button phone from a popular brand. By the way, in 2020 we may see a foldable smartphone from Nokia.

BQ BQ – 2810 Boom XL – a phone with a powerful speaker

The last phone in our top is BQ – 2810 Boom XL. It is distinguished, as you already understood, by a huge speaker on the rear panel, which can cause screams from the windows of houses. This is a real phone for schoolchildren who love to listen to music so loudly. But there is one big drawback – the price. The device costs 1,890 rubles, which, of course, is twice as high as our original budget.

We, of course, tried to keep within 1000 rubles, but, as you can see, in 2020 it is quite difficult to do this. All cheap push-button phones on Aliexpress sell for 2K and up. And in Russian retail, the choice in this segment is not so great. Of all the phones, the best seems to be a device from Irbis on Android 8. We were extremely surprised to see such a device for 1500 rubles. This is a great option both as an additional phone and as the main one, because the version Android is quite good here even in 2020, and users of such a device will be able to delight themselves with all modern social media applications.

If you know of even more interesting options for 1000 rubles, suggest them in the comments to this publication. You can also always subscribe to us in Yandex Zen, because there we quite often publish unique materials that do not appear on the site.

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