The best gadgets for your smartphone

Today's phones offer a lot of possibilities today. And every day we talk about the next functions that are of little interest to anyone. It is much cooler to consider unique gadgets for our smartphones that can seriously improve life – make it more convenient and easier. Do not doubt that you will like the devices presented in the list, and I do not exclude that after reading, you will want to purchase one of them, if not all.

The best gadgets for your smartphone

The best gadgets for your smartphone

Fingerbot – automation in action

And it's worth starting with Fingerbot. It is a small box with a plastic finger that clicks on something when the corresponding command comes from the phone. Do you want to turn on the light in the room or the computer via your smartphone? Not a problem. Fingerbot can handle this. It is priced at only $ 28. You can buy 10 of these gadgets and use them throughout your home.

LT04 Watch – competitor to Mi Band

For $ 38, the LT04 Watch offers its own smartphone app that lets you customize the watch faces, as well as view information on your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, steps and sleep time. They can also be used as a button for taking pictures on a smartphone.

Inside the smart gadget are TWS headphones, and the watch itself is their case. How it works? Take out the earbuds and they automatically connect to your smartphone. There are no particular questions about the sound quality.

SoundBoom – docking station with built-in speaker

It's a $ 35 wireless speaker dock. It acts as a smartphone stand. After placing your phone on it, the sound will automatically start playing through the SoundBoom.

Unravel – modular charger for three devices

For $ 99, you can buy a 3-block modular wireless charger. It is more suitable for device users Apple, however, it is also useful for owners Android to know about the presence of such a thing (you can present it to friends). One of the blocks is capable of charging the watch Apple Watch, the second for AirPods, and the third for the smartphone. All 3 units are charged via MacBook charger. In addition, the form factor of the blocks allows them to be folded into a triangle, turning them into a phone stand.

TravelMug 2 – smart thermo mug with docking station

$ 179 – that's how much they ask at Ember for a thermo mug with a stand that can keep it warm. On the body of the mug there is information about the temperature, and using the increase and decrease buttons, you can adjust it. In addition, the mug is synchronized with a smartphone, through which the temperature can also be controlled. But that's not all. The mug has a built-in battery that provides an additional 3 hours of keeping warm. Another plus can be a lid with an interesting opening mechanism. You just need to lightly press on it.

Ohsnap – improved popsocket

This is a smartphone holder – an advanced popsocket. We attach it to the device, press on a small area, and a rubber ring opens, which can be used as a stand or as a regular finger ring. You can also adjust its height. The holder has a built-in magnet so it can be easily attached to the refrigerator.

Anker LED – when there is little light in the photo

This is an additional light source for your smartphone for $ 49. It can be used for video recording and photo. It offers about 4 times more light than a standard flash. Plus, if you own an e-book without lighting, this is also a good way to add light.

Charge your devices with Anker Powercore +

26800 mAh – this is the amount of charge that this $ 139 power bank will offer. With it, you can charge modern phones 5-6 times. Powercore + is a great option for long journeys. It even lets you charge laptops. In the box with the power bank you will find a 60 Watt charger.

Lenses from Moment

These are high quality smartphone camera lenses. Each Moment lens costs approximately $ 100 and mounts to a special case that can be purchased separately. The guys advertise their products well on their YouTube channel.

Baseus docking station with monitor connection

For $ 35, you can own a Baseus docking station. It offers two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, one 4K HDMI port for desktop mode of various phones (e.g. DeX), one Type-C port, one USB 3.0, and SD and microSD slots.

Baseus Elbow 90 Degree Charging Cable and Energie360 360 Degree Cable

With Baseus Elbow, you can charge your phone at up to 40 watts and at a 90 degree angle. There is an LED indicator on the plug body. Such charging will be useful for gamers who get in the way of wires during the game. Elbow is priced at $ 8. Energie360, a 360-degree rotating cable with magnets for $ 19, might be a good option. The kit includes connectors for microUSB, Type-C and Lightning.

Shiftcam case for iPhone with integrated lenses

Yes, again iPhone. But the case is really interesting – it is transparent, and due to the many lenses it looks original and vintage. On the body of the cover in the area of ​​the cameras are located: a polarizer that removes glare, a 10x macro lens, a 180 degree lens, as well as 4x telephoto and 20x macro lenses.

AirQuad – wireless charger for 4 gadgets

For $ 150 we are offered wireless charging that supports simultaneous charging of 4 devices. These can be completely different options, for example, the most obvious will be the simultaneous charging of Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and AirPods. You can see how many companies are taking advantage of the popularity of the canceled AirPower, and AirQuad is a good example.

Card20 Wireless Slim Case Headphones

Their main advantage is a very thin case, and TWS headphones are priced at only $ 129. In addition, the sound quality is quite good here. Compared to the AirPods case, the YOBYBO solution (it was this company that developed this gadget) seems interesting.

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