Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

Samsung is a great example of how a large and clumsy manufacturer quickly got on a new track and radically changed its business strategy. After all, if earlier only flagship smartphones existed for Koreans, then in the last couple of years it was decided to abandon this principle, followed by a reorientation to an inexpensive market segment and more active support for the flagships of previous generations. The decision to expand the capabilities of last year's Galaxy S10 with some features that were previously only available to owners of the current generation of flagships is one of the ways to implement Samsung's plans.

Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

Galaxy S10 has been good before, but after the update it got even better

Samsung has released the One UI firmware update for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 lines with Galaxy S20 features. The update weighs about 1.5 GB, since it contains quite a lot of innovations and fixes, although most of them are, of course, focused around photo and video shooting. After all, it is the camera that is the flagship element of any device from the upper price segment today. And the Galaxy S10, although it has seriously fallen in price recently, is, whatever one may say, is most directly related to the flagships.

How to shoot with all Galaxy S10 cameras

Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

The 'Multi-shot' mode allows you to use all the cameras of the smartphone at once

The first innovation, which Samsung itself preferred to announce, was the multi-frame mode. It allows you to take photos and videos on all cameras at once: telephoto, shirik, ultra-wide and, if available, even with a macro lens. When shooting is complete, the smartphone will automatically prompt you to choose the best shot or video, deleting all the others. This is just a great feature, which on iPhone, by the way, is only available in third-party applications, and in the standard Galaxy.

In addition to the fact that all photos and videos are recorded on different cameras, the 'Multi-shot' mode allows you to make several samples of each of them. That is, the user will have many more options from which to choose the best one. In order to try out how the innovation works, you need to activate the 'Camera' application, turn on the 'Multi-shot' mode and hold down the shutter button for 3-10 seconds to take several consecutive photos from which you can select those that you like best Total.

What is hyperlapse and how to remove it

Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

Galaxy S10 Video Capability Expands Significantly

With the latest update, Samsung has also expanded its Night Mode capabilities with the addition of Hyperlapse Capture. This is the same as a time-lapse, but in motion. Now, users of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lines will be able to quickly shoot on the move, even in low light conditions. The output should be a better quality video with clearly distinguishable subjects. True, in order for the result to be of the highest quality, you need to get a tripod or other device for firmly fixing the smartphone.

The professional shooting mode has also undergone a number of changes. Samsung has given users even more creative freedom by giving them the ability to tweak shutter speed, aperture, and more as they see fit for video, which was previously only possible for photos. Well, the cherry on top is the 4K 60fps shooting mode on the front camera. The photo module, which is equipped with Galaxy S10 and Note 10, allowed to do this from the beginning, but Samsung chose to postpone the introduction of this feature for more than a year. But as they say, better late than never.

Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

Clean View mode allows you to group all photos into folders

In the standard Gallery application, you can now group the same or similar pictures. It comes in handy if you want to keep all the frames taken in Multi-shot mode. The grouping function will simply identify similar pictures and videos and combine them into one folder. You just need to click on a special button that appeared in the application interface. This will free up space in the Gallery window for easier and faster orientation among new or old photos and videos.

Samsung releases Galaxy S10 update with Galaxy S20 features

Image cropping can be automatic

And in case you took a shot at an ultra wide angle and then decided that there is too much free space around the edges of the subject, you can quickly crop out the excess. To do this, the Quick Crop function has been added to the Gallery application. This is a special button that will appear on the screen when you open a photo. Clicking on it will automatically determine the subject of the photograph and bring it closer, making it the dominant of the photo, and not a small and meaningless element of the frame, which, with inappropriate attention, could not have been noticed.

I really like Samsung's approach to supporting its legacy smartphones. Not only do the Koreans extend the features of the newer models to them, they also provide them with regular security patches. After all, this update, which is already available in some countries in Europe and North America, also contains the April security update Android, which is quite surprising, given that Google itself will release it only half a month later – towards the end of the first week of April .

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