Samsung has released the Galaxy A41, but I don't recommend buying it

It is not difficult to get confused in the names of Samsung smartphones. Of course, there is a flagship, the name of which everyone knows, but the rest of the models are somehow lost against its background. Nevertheless, there are also very decent devices among them. For example, the presented Samsung Galaxy A41, which cannot be called the cheapest device in the world, but can definitely be called one of the most inexpensive with an officially declared water resistance. It's this feature, coupled with the price, that makes it a very attractive option. But there are other interesting “things” in it that are worth talking about. Although, do not rush to get in line for him. Not everything is as sweet as it might seem at first glance.

Samsung has released the Galaxy A41, but I don't recommend buying it

This smartphone Samsung showed today.

Is it possible to shoot with a smartphone underwater

Many manufacturers advertise their smartphones with people jumping into the pool with it or pouring beer over it in a bar, but remember that this is just an advertisement. In reality, the temptation to shoot underwater with a smartphone is very great. After all, here it is, a smartphone, here is a pool. Why not take pictures?

Samsung has released the Galaxy A41, but I don't recommend buying it

Don't do that.

It is undesirable to do this due to the fact that manufacturers do not guarantee that the smartphone will work after water procedures. That is, if it breaks down, you will almost certainly be denied warranty repairs. All due to the fact that you are promised certification according to a certain standard, but they do not guarantee protection.

In fact, this is logical, because you could drop the smartphone and break the integrity of the gasket or immerse it not one and a half meters, but ten. This is how the manufacturer protects himself. As a rule, this is even written in the characteristics as a footnote.

I swam with my smartphone several times and I was lucky, but I will not do it unnecessarily. It's easier to buy the simplest GoPro and use it without worrying about an expensive phone. I use the protection of my smartphone from water to calm myself down, so as not to worry if it accidentally falls into the water.

Here's a good example of what can happen if you frequently use your smartphone in the water.

Foolishly, I bought iPhone XS almost at the start of sales, I bought Apple Care for it for 50 euros. I walked around happy for a couple of months, filmed a video in the sea and in the pool, washed under the tap. I was very glad that Apple made a phone that can be washed and bathed, it was always clean and shiny.

But one day it stopped turning on, as a fan Apple I took it and went to the Apple Store, where they told me that phones cannot be bathed and wet, and I have a sensor in my phone , which showed that water got inside. To which I objected that on their website it is directly drawn how the phone takes pictures under water and lies in the spray. To which on the same page of the website they showed me a small-fine print below-below, they say, bathe at your own peril and risk, we will not fix it if water does get in.

Well, of course, I said that I still have Apple Care, but I was told that it only extends the warranty, that I had to take it for 150 euros and then they would change the device for free. And since I myself am a fool, I cost 550 euros .. more than half the price of a phone.

Mikhail Korolev. Owner Android

Samsung Galaxy A41 specifications

Now you can move on to the new product, the main feature of which is just protection against water and dust according to the IP68 standard. This is not so often found not only in this segment, but also in some of the more expensive and status models. Let me remind you that the IP68 standard allows you to immerse your smartphone to a depth of one and a half meters for up to thirty minutes. Why you shouldn't try your luck, I've already told. That is why the new feature is interesting, but not enough to buy this smartphone. Maybe other specs will make me change my mind?

The camera of the new smartphone consists of three modules – 48 MP, 8 MP and a depth sensor. On the front, there is a waterdrop notch with a 25MP camera.

The rest of the hardware of the novelty will be more modest. The processor is just Helio P65, only 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory with expandability, and a 3500 mAh battery with 15-watt fast charging. The screen diagonal is 6.1 inches at FHD + resolution. Matrix, as it should be, OLED.

Samsung has released the Galaxy A41, but I don't recommend buying it

Samsung Galaxy A41 from all sides.

In general, nothing special. And here's the headshot. While there is a possibility that the Galaxy A41 will only be sold in Japan. Bang!

Okay, maybe he will get to us, but not the fact that he will keep the main feature. The launch is scheduled for June 2020 at a price of $ 268 (approximately 21,500 rubles at the current exchange rate at the time of publication of the article). And yes, don't rush to buy a new smartphone now if you are intimidated by the state of the economy.

If the Galaxy A41 does not reach Russia, but you really want to buy it, you can probably get it from dealers, but at a few thousand more. Or just forget about it and buy another smartphone with IP68 – for example, Sony Xperia 10 II, which is also preparing for release. True, its price will be $ 100 higher, but the hardware will also be better.

What are the advantages of inexpensive smartphones

If the Galaxy A41 was sold for 21,500 rubles, it would be of interest. It is in a category where there is a lot of competition and where manufacturers are trying very hard to attract a buyer. With flagships, everything is simple. They are assembled from the best materials using the best technologies. There are almost no real differences between them.

There are much more differences in the range of 15,000 – 25,000 rubles. Manufacturers are trying to use new body materials or try to add in one indicator, saving on another. As a result, you can see very good combinations. This is exactly what we saw in the Galaxy A41. The manufacturer saved on iron, but added water protection.

Why not buy a new Samsung smartphone

Despite the beginnings of interest in the Galaxy A41, I understand that I would not buy it. I would not even run after him in order to knock out a test. In terms of specs, this is an ordinary pass-through smartphone, and protection from water is good only just in case. Swimming with him is still not worth it, and with careful handling, the risk of falling into the water is not so great. Especially if you have to sacrifice other characteristics for “insurance” against this.

This smartphone would have caused much more interest in me with a good processor and 6/128 GB memory. It would be much more useful for every day than the letters IP68 on the box.

Share in the comments what you think about smartphones with water protection. Do you need it and do you use it if your smartphone is IP67 or IP68 certified?

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