Samsung freaked out and began to prepare a 600 megapixel sensor for cameras

Remember how ten years ago it seemed to us that an 8 megapixel smartphone camera was the ultimate dream? All our friends will only have 2 megapixels, and we have a whopping 8 megapixels! Uh, we'd heal then. You could take cool photos, show them off and finally sell your camera. In fact, this did not work out. It did not work either at 12 megapixels, or 16 megapixels, or even 48 megapixels. All the same, the moment did not come when the smartphone camera could block the capabilities of a separate camera. A few months ago, smartphones with 108 megapixel cameras appeared. The audience took them somehow cool, but still, many wanted to test these technologies on themselves. What's next? Maybe 600 megapixels? At least there is information that Samsung is preparing such sensors.

Samsung freaked out and began to prepare a 600 megapixel sensor for cameras

Samsung cameras have always been good.

Should the camera have a high resolution

Personally, I have always believed that a large camera resolution is simply not needed. That is, I know a lot about technology, I like to photograph myself, and I roughly understand what a pixel is and how to use it. For me, this is a job and a hobby.

Accordingly, I understand what 30 Mp is for a camera with a full-size matrix and 48 Mp for a camera whose matrix size is at most a few millimeters. It's just that for a high-quality picture you need not the quantity, but the quality of these pixels. The smaller it is and the smaller the distance between them, the more noise and interference will be. They can be “cleaned”, but then the picture will no longer be as realistic and clear as before this processing.

You will say that technology has made a step forward, and you will be right. They just stepped forward in both large cameras and low-resolution mobile sensors. That is, we just reached a new level and that's it, but the number of pixels still does not speak about the quality of the image. Color, clarity and lack of noise speaks about it.

Are modern Samsung cameras good

We must pay tribute, although for Samsung the production of cameras is not the main activity, but they make very good sensors, unlike processors. They were one of the first, if not the first, to offer the market sensors with a resolution of 48 Mp, 64 Mp and even 108 Mp.

Nevertheless, this is not enough for the company and it will continue to follow the lead of its gigantism, and is trying to do something more. Ultimately, according to SamMobile, it hopes to bring 600-megapixel camera sensors 'to everyone'. Samsung reckons our eyes appear to be at 500 megapixels. So it makes sense that she wants to surpass that resolution with a 600MP camera sensor.

Samsung freaked out and began to prepare a 600 megapixel sensor for cameras

Fancy a 600MP smartphone camera?

High-resolution sensors are mainly used in smartphones. They account for the lion's share of production. But they are also needed in other places. For example, when creating self-driving cars, drones, video communication systems and even in the medical field, where devices with good detail are needed.

Given the presence of such areas of application, it can be assumed that cameras, first of all, will be prepared not in order to fit them into a miniature smartphone body, but for other areas. But in the end, all the same, everything will come to smartphones. 

Our colleagues from the portal Android Authority received a response from the company, which does not refute the described plans. As practice shows, many companies actively refute any plans before they are implemented and presented. Therefore, the fact that plans for such sensors are not denied at least speaks volumes.

The 600MP sensor mentioned in the article is more of a long-term goal with no specific deadline at this point, and not necessarily a specific project we're working on. We plan to release several image sensors during the year and are looking forward to the future, ”added a Samsung spokesman.

As they say, there is no smoke without fire. It rarely happens that someone says something about the plans of tech giants and they do not produce it after a while. Maybe they just see a cool idea and try to implement it.

In any case, there are now rumors that the company will present a smartphone with a 192 megapixel sensor in the coming months. Do you think this is possible? Answer here or in our Telegram chat, but every opinion must be expressed.

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