Redmi presented a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles, which I will buy for myself

The coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many companies to halt production of branded products, does not seem to have affected the Chinese at all. In any case, now that American and European enterprises do not know if they will withstand the onslaught of infection, Xiaomi and Redmi continue to release new products. But if Xiaomi pleased only children with the release of the new smart watch Mi Bunny Watch 4, then Redmi provided itself much greater coverage by introducing its first fitness bracelet Redmi Band . We figure out why it is so good and why it is worth buying.

Redmi presented a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles, which I will buy for myself

Redmi surpassed Xiaomi by introducing their fitness bracelet

How Redmi Band differs from Xiaomi Mi Band

Well, let's start with the fact that Redmi Band is completely different from Xiaomi Mi Band, and this is perhaps the most important plus of the new item. The designers Redmi abandoned the shape of a streamlined capsule like that of the Mi Band, which I personally never liked, and relied on the format of a rectangular block with chopped edges.

Such a solution, in my opinion, looks more premium, and allows you to more conveniently manage the interface. Still, when the screen does not have bends, it is much easier and more comfortable to perform all management manipulations with it.

Redmi presented a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles, which I will buy for myself

Redmi Band turned out to be both prettier and cheaper than Mi Band

The concept of the strap has also changed. If for Mi Band it was a single unit with a hole for the device itself, which was inserted there like into a groove and removed for charging, then for Redmi Band the strap consists of two parts, one of which is removable. It is she who opens access to the charging connector.

How to charge Redmi Band

For charging Redmi the Band uses a full-fledged USB interface, so it can be connected to a powerbank, a computer, and even branded surge protectors Xiaomi. That is, in order to recharge the gadget, you don't even need a special cable, as is the case with the Mi Band. This makes the fitness bracelet Redmi more independent from external accessories, and therefore more autonomous.

Redmi presented a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles, which I will buy for myself

The Redmi Band has a built-in USB interface for charging. It charges wirelessly

How much Redmi Band holds charge

Speaking of autonomy. The manufacturer claims that the Redmi Band can last from a single charge up to 14 days. This is quite a long time, considering that the new product, unlike the first Xiaomi Mi Bands, is equipped with a color touch screen, not to mention a heart rate monitor, pedometer and function for determining the types of sports training and a sleep tracker.

In my opinion, Redmi Band is generally the best thing that could happen to the fitness bracelet market. Xiaomi Mi Bands have recently risen in price and are selling at a price of about 3000 thousand rubles, and, as for me, they look far from the best. That is, looking at it, you can immediately understand that this is a craft Xiaomi. This is not the case with Redmi Band. Firstly, it costs only $ 14, or about 1000 rubles, and, secondly, its design attracts me much more. Still, I personally prefer stylish rigor, and the product Xiaomi did not give me this.

What is it worth to buy Redmi Band

Redmi presented a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles, which I will buy for myself

Redmi Band costs only $ 14, but turns out to be no worse than Mi Band

Yes, Redmi Band is similar to Huawei Band bracelets. Here are just a handicraft Redmi has exactly the same set of functions, just as attractive – at least for me – a case, but at the same time it costs several times cheaper. I understand that when Redmi Band gets to Russia, it will rise in price to 1.5, and maybe even up to 2 thousand rubles. However, if you order it on Chinese Internet sites, you can fully experience the benefits of this purchase.

Personally, I have already decided for myself that I will buy Redmi Band. Despite the fact that I do not go in for sports, the new product can really be a great solution for me. In the end, I don’t want to buy for the sake of walking, which allows me to more or less keep fit, but I don’t want to buy a new Mi Band, but I’m ready to give. Perhaps even twice – he is too handsome.

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