Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

Few doubt that very soon we will see the presentation of the second generation Samsung Galaxy Fold, which showed us last year that the existence of foldable smartphones is possible. If you believe the rumors and analysts' reasoning, the new product should not be just a hasty re-release of the Galaxy Z Flip and not a regular update of the Galaxy Fold “for the sake of a tick”. Most likely, it will be a full-fledged new foldable smartphone, worthy of attention again. But most of the attention will be given to the cheap Galaxy Fold E, whose price will almost make it a mainstream device. Is this possible?

Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

We're looking forward to the second generation of the Galaxy Fold more than the first. It should be more interesting.

In the words of Samsung itself: “The company will continue to offer various products in the premium segment with the release of new foldable models and models of the Note family.”

Samsung's words are confirmed by the fact that phone sales fell sharply in February compared to 2019, and it will only get worse. Therefore, the release of new expensive smartphones can play a cruel joke with the manufacturer, when no one will buy its super-flagship. So it will be with a foldable smartphone. It is impossible not to release it, but something must be done with the price.

When will the cheap Galaxy Fold E or Fold Lite come out?

Now more than ever, the development of events has become more real, in which we will see not one, but two or three new Galaxy Folds at once. Max Weinbach wrote in Twitter that Samsung could make the Galaxy Fold E or Galaxy Fold Lite in addition to the more premium Galaxy Fold 2.

Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

Tweet from Max Weinbach.

In Twitter, Weinbach even named a potential price of $ 1,100 for a cheaper model. Among other things, it will have a simpler and less reliable plastic screen, in contrast to the ultra-thin UTG glass in the Galaxy Fold 2. True, Weinbach immediately noted that this should be treated as a rumor. Even if these are rumors, such a decision by the company would be very logical from the point of view of the struggle for the foldable smartphone market.

How Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will look like

It is likely that the Galaxy Fold 2 will retain its original shape. On the inside, there will be a large foldable screen that opens like a book, while on the outside there will be a smaller, more durable screen so that you can use your smartphone without opening it. The essence of this design is to protect the main inner shield.

Some of the earliest rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2 suggested that the phone could get a new shape with a larger screen on the outside, as in the Huawei Mate Xs. However, most of the rumors indicate that the Fold 2 will be more like the first Fold, with specifications that match the Galaxy S20.

S Pen for Galaxy Fold 2

Last year, many thought that they lacked only the proprietary S-Pen stylus in the then first generation Galaxy Fold. In our Telegram chat, a couple of participants even said that they would be ready to fork out for a foldable smartphone from Samsung, if it, like the Galaxy Note, had the opportunity to work with a stylus.

Most of all, the use of the stylus was hampered by the use of a soft plastic cover of the screen, which was literally scratched with a fingernail. Now, if this problem can be solved, we can talk about the stylus.

So far, all rumors say that the S-Pen will be in the new product, but some features of such a solution may force the company to abandon it.

Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

The famous Samsung branded stylus.

Galaxy Fold 2 specs

The larger internal screen is said to follow the Galaxy S20 with a 120Hz refresh rate. The external screen will receive only 60 Hz, but it will not be used as actively as the internal one.

The original Galaxy Fold got cameras like the Galaxy S10 Plus, so it's only logical that the second generation will go the same way and get a camera from the Galaxy S20 Plus. Again, Max Weinbach mentioned this in Twitter.

So far, the most likely camera sensor scheme is one in which the front camera will have one sensor with a resolution of 10 megapixels, and the main one will receive three sensors: 64 megapixels (telephoto), 12 megapixels (wide-angle), 12 megapixels (ultra-wide-angle).

In the first generation, the main screen had a very large ledge to accommodate the camera and other components. The Galaxy Fold 2 should ditch that horrible element in favor of a hole that only has one camera sensor for video calling and selfies.

If rumors are true, the Galaxy Fold 2 will get a 4,500mAh or 5,000mAh battery versus 4,380mAh last year. Also expect reverse wireless charging and fast 25W charging like the Galaxy S20.

Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

The main thing is not to break.

Display expert Ross Young cited at the end of April a long list of specifications that will differentiate the second-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold. Among them was support 5G, which is not surprising given the presence of such a function in all modern smartphones. Although, it is possible that there will be

Among the remaining characteristics, the most likely are the following:

  • Main display – 7.59 inches with a resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels
  • External display – 6.23 inches with a resolution of 2267 x 819 pixels
  • Storage – 256GB and 512GB
  • Network – 5G and 4G options
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or 865 Plus
  • Version Android – 10
  • Materials – ceramics, stainless steel
  • Colors – blue, silver, gold, pink, black

When is the Galaxy Fold 2 coming out?

For a launch date for Samsung's third foldable phone, it makes sense to look at the first two. The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip launched alongside the classic yet premium devices – the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, respectively. Based on this, we can assume that the Galaxy Fold 2 is being announced at the same time as the Galaxy Note 20.

Here you need to understand that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Unpacked event was the last of the major events that took place in the offline presentation format. Now it is impossible to say with certainty when this format of events will return and whether it will return at all. Therefore, the novelty can be presented separately from the Galaxy Note 20, since it is still not necessary to collect journalists.

Perhaps Samsung will release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold

If he's a stent like that, it'll be very cool.

Most likely, the presentation in any case will take place no later than this summer. Although, if the company understands that it will be possible to postpone the presentation until the beginning of autumn, but hold it in a traditional format, it will do it.

How much will the second generation Galaxy Fold cost?

As for the price, there is still no consensus among analysts, and even in our Telegram chat opinions were divided, but it can be assumed that the company will seek to reduce the price to increase sales. However, if the characteristics improve significantly, and even 5G appears, the price may remain at the same level with the same memory capacity.

Most likely, the price, as is usually the case with Samsung, will decrease a few months after the start of sales, but the most interesting is the available version anyway. It may have simpler specs, but at $ 1,100, it can prove to people that foldable smartphones are now. For this money, more people will definitely want to buy it than for $ 2,000. And what do you think?

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