OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

Industrial design is a very interesting topic and we have already written about it on one of our sites. It is a pity that manufacturers have ceased to be bold and offer solutions that do not differ much from competitors. As a result, we have what we have – the monotonous world of technology. But when changes concern the design of gadgets, it is at least nice, but sometimes manufacturers change their logo for some reason. And okay, if the changes were interesting. As a rule, they also leave a lot to be desired. For some reason, OnePlus has chosen this path. It would be better if the G8 were released faster.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

Many people love this smartphone.

Why rebrand

Many companies are constantly experimenting with their corporate identity. Some change color, others – shape, and still others completely redraw it. So, for example, it was with the logo Apple, when they went from the picture with Newton to the apple.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

The logo Apple has changed many times.

Automakers are changing their logo designs too. This is especially true for those manufacturers that have existed for many years. Everything is logical here! What was stylish seventy years ago now looks like something antediluvian.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

This is how the BMW logo changed.

Often, in addition to the logo, many other things change in the corporate culture of the company. Someone changes the design of the retail network, someone introduces new elements in the design of products, and someone disguises employees and changes the style of advertising.

All this is necessary only in order to become more attractive to customers and sell more of your products or services. This is part of the evolutionary process in trading.

Now the wind of change has blown to OnePlus. The company exists quite recently, but has already decided to upgrade. This is the first logo change in her history.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

Old logo on the left, new one on the right.

The company even explained the reasons for the logo change. The one now reads better when changing the application, and the “+” in the corner of the square has become larger. This is a tribute to the dedicated fans who have played a key role in making the company's smartphones better.

Personally, such changes seem far-fetched to me. Respect for the community is, of course, welcome, but does not pull the logo update. After all, now we need to change all the blanks, templates and other printed materials.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

This is also part of the rebranding.

In fact, this is not all. The company said in a statement that this will make the logo more recognizable in the media and create a clearer connection between the symbol and the brand.

If they consider such minor changes to be important, that is their right. But the design change looks more dubious as it has now become too standard. But he was really changed not in words, but in deeds.

New OnePlus motto. “Never settle” 2.0

The company's motto has always flaunted on its printed products and the default screensavers of smartphones. He was recognizable and somehow even attractive. Now it has become just letters. Although, you have the right to disagree with me.

OnePlus changed logo out of respect for fans

This will change the spelling of the famous phrase. On the left is the old version, and on the right is the new one.

However, this change was also explained by the pursuit of brand recognition, which I now doubt. But, probably, OnePlus designers know their business better than me. I can only express my opinion.

The translation of the motto sounds like “never give up”. At one time, this symbolized the spirit of rebellion inherent in the brand's smartphones. Many people liked it and the words stuck. It is unlikely that the company will abandon them in the near future.

When will OnePlus 8 come out

Perhaps we will see the new logo and motto writing style in the next generation of the OnePlus 8 smartphone, which fans of the brand are eagerly awaiting. I already wrote about him and told that now there will be as many as three actual models.

The top model will be equipped with Snapdragon 865, 12/256 GB memory, full protection and a screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches. All this beauty will cost $ 870. In Russia and Europe, the price is likely to be equivalent to 1,000 euros. 85,000 rubles for OnePlus. Not bad, huh?

Judging by the comments in our Telegram chat, there are a lot of OnePlus fans among our subscribers. If you are one of them too, I suggest joining the discussion. At the same time, share your opinion in the comments to this article and take part in a small vote. I am sure there will be different opinions on the redesign. The question is, in what proportions.

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