Now is the time to buy a smartphone

Buying a smartphone is a process that always needs to be thought out, since it is very important to buy a smartphone at a time when its cost is as low as possible. As a rule, the price reduction occurs after the release of the next new product. That is why many people prefer to buy flagships only after the release of a new generation. However, this is not the only factor that can affect the price of a phone. Why is it necessary to buy a smartphone right now? Let's look at what led us to this conclusion.

Now is the time to buy a smartphone

Will the Galaxy S20 rise in price?

The ruble went down

It's all about the ruble exchange rate. On the night of March 8-9, amid news of the breakdown of the agreement between Russia and the OPEC countries, as well as news that Saudi Arabia will increase oil production, the price of Brent crude oil on the exchange fell to a record $ 31 per barrel. This is one of the largest falls in history.

Against this background, the ruble has seriously weakened against the euro and the dollar, but only in the morning, when people began to exchange rubles for dollars, real problems began. Amid mass panic, the ruble weakened even more (76 rubles per dollar and 86 rubles against the euro). After that, the Central Bank suspended the purchase of foreign currency on the domestic market for 30 days, this allowed to calm down the market for a while, but later the foreign exchange rate went up again. At the moment, the dollar is valued at 74.8 rubles, and the euro at 85.5 rubles. Oil after a strong fall won back to $ 35.5 per barrel.

Smartphones have risen in price due to the ruble

Now is the time to buy a smartphone

The situation made smartphones on Aliexpress automatically become very expensive. Therefore, now is the time to buy a device from a Chinese manufacturer on Avito, because not all sellers know yet that their devices in China have become much more expensive. In addition, now is the time to buy a smartphone in Russian retail, since prices on the shelves of Russian stores have not yet had time to jump. It is possible that in the near future Apple, Samsung and other companies will change the pricing of products upward. We can expect a rise in the price of smartphones by about 15-25%.

Galaxy S20 is priced at 899 euros in Europe, at the current exchange rate it is 77 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, the official price of the device in Russia is 70,000 rubles, which makes the purchase of the device in Russian retail profitable. Most likely, after adjusting and purchasing a new batch of smartphones, the cost of the S20 will jump immediately by 10-15 thousand rubles to 80-85 thousand, and the S20 Ultra may jump in price by 20-30 thousand rubles, since it is estimated at the current rate in Europe in 115 thousand. Earlier I wrote that S20 Ultra is not worth its price, but now the price tag of 120 thousand will seem quite funny.

The situation with other phones is similar. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite not so long ago on AliExpress I bought for 14 thousand, today it is estimated at 17500 rubles. At Avito, many are not yet aware of currency surges, so a device in good condition can be bought for 11-12 thousand, saving a lot of money on buying a new device.

I sell a smartphone on Avito. Raise the price?

Undoubtedly, it is worth starting from the cost of the device on store shelves, even if we are talking about a Chinese device. We advise you to immediately increase the cost of your smartphone by 15-20%. In the case of the Mi 9 Lite, if you previously wanted to sell the device for 12 thousand, you can safely raise the price tag to 14 thousand rubles.

The situation repeats itself

A similar situation was observed in 2014 after a strong depreciation of the ruble. If before the jump the dollar was valued at 34 rubles, after the jump the figures doubled. This was followed by a significant increase in the cost of products, including smartphones. I still remember how I bought iPhone 5s for 26 thousand rubles at the end of 2013, after which its cost jumped to 45 thousand, and this despite the fact that at that time it was already an irrelevant flagship.

However, this time the situation is not so terrible, and the growth will not be so significant, but it is worth noting that the 20% increase in the cost of smartphones is still quite serious, so we advise you not to delay purchasing a new phone. Let's discuss the issue of increasing the cost of devices in our chat.

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