Nokia will showcase its foldable smartphone this year.

Like mushrooms after rain, the number of foldable smartphones is growing, which have already been shown to the world or are about to be told about them. Last year there was a “first swallow” in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A few days later he fired Huawei. Then there were reports of incomprehensible Chinese. Samsung is already selling its smartphones and is preparing their second generation. Huawei, like, too, but somehow very narrow. Yesterday Motorola began taking orders for the re-release of its legendary Razr. In short, everyone works! Now it's time for Nokia. What will it be? Will the brand regain its best years or will it be another 3310 New?

Nokia will showcase its foldable smartphone this year.

Nokia wants to conquer the world with its foldable smartphone? Personally, I'm interested in watching this. The more players the better.

Nokia smartphones

At one time, Nokia was the symbol of a cool phone. The brand, which originated in the distant 1865, and was initially engaged in paper and rubber, began to produce phones so cool that it was not only pleasant to own them, but also prestigious. Even inexpensive models were prized for their innovation and good looks. And with the appearance of those models, everything was in order. That is only Nokia 7600, Nokia 7280 and Nokia N-Gage. Then it was really possible to roam. All phones were different, not like now. They grumbled and okay …

Nokia will showcase its foldable smartphone this year.

There was a time …

Then came the time for change and Nokia was probably the worst able to adapt to the changes. Unlike Motorola, they did not deny the importance of the emergence of smartphones, but they were never able to fully move into this market, as did, for example, Samsung, which was cool in both eras.

Then the brand was sold to the Chinese, who began to produce something, but by and large create something incomprehensible, then republishing the push-button Nokia 3310 at the price of a budget smartphone, then releasing a “banana”, then showing the world Nokia 9. The latter, maybe and would be a continuation of the ideas of innovation that we saw in the mid-2000s, but more like the implementation of absurd concepts, designed to simply attract attention.

Nokia will showcase its foldable smartphone this year.

To be honest, so-so update.

And now the company got another chance. The market is ready for changes and they must not be missed. By the way, isn't it strange that at the origins of these changes there were two brands that lost the most from the previous “perestroika”? Well done, learn from mistakes.

Foldable Nokia

A few months ago there were already rumors that Nokia together with Alcatel plans to release clamshell phones. Then it was about ordinary push-button clamshells, but the time has changed and rumors about a folding smartphone began to creep. Now there is additional confirmation of this. The dates are even named – the end of this or the beginning of the next year. If this is true, then this will happen no later than MWC 2021 in February 2021.

Nokia will showcase its foldable smartphone this year.

Whichever foldable Nokia is, we wish it didn't have the fold of the Galaxy Fold.

The information came from Nokiamob and reveals the plans of HMD Global, which owns the rights to the Nokia brand. Of course, it is too early to fully believe in this, but the idea of ​​such developments looks very logical, and additional confirmation only reinforces the feeling that this is true.

Perhaps even the company will offer something new. For example, a Z-shaped bend. Who knows where the company's engineers will be brought in in an attempt to conquer the market and displace famous competitors from it.

New Nokia at MWC 2020

If the above is not enough, I will add that there is even information according to which a new smartphone will be presented as part of this year's mobile congress. It seems like the first sample was created at the end of 2019 and it only remains to be finalized. If this is really so, we can say that the smartphone can really be shown in a month, but then it will take several months for revision. Now this approach is considered the norm and even Apple started doing it.

I would like to believe that it will be so, because folding devices are indeed a very interesting and promising product. Now they are still damp, but when the screens get better, the price is lower, the reliability is higher, and the devices themselves fold three or more times, then we will really live. Personally, I believe in the promise of this technology. The main thing is that, as they say, do not waste. And what do you think?

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