New phones Huawei will receive smart eye control and other features

I like it Huawei for the fact that the company is not discouraged and, despite serious prohibitions that very much interfere with its work, continues to invent something new and improve the old. The guys not only release new smartphones in standby mode, but also offer something that would simply tear the markets with Google services. Examples would be Huawei P40 Pro and Honor 30 Pro. The company also has achievements in the field of software updates. Among the updates that new smartphones have received and will receive, there are even truly exclusive things. Maybe they are not needed by everyone, without exception, but anyway, no one did this before Huawei.

New phones Huawei will receive smart eye control and other features

The cameras of these smartphones are really good.

Updating EMUI 10.1

Smartphones Huawei of the P40 series were released more than two months ago, but they still leave some kind of crumpled impression. On the one hand, they are cool, and on the other, the lack of Google services, despite the fact that the AppGallery store has developed greatly, does not allow them to be taken seriously. I even used the Huawei P40 Pro for a while and talked about my experience in this article.

Now I want to talk about how smartphones Huawei continue to receive software updates that add new features to them.

On my Huawei P40 Pro, the current software version is EMUI at the moment, but EMUI should appear very soon and it will bring the features that many have been waiting for or just hoping for.

What will change in the new firmware Huawei

In the update, there will be a function for monitoring the position of the eyes, which is called Smart Eye Tracking. It will work for the front camera and will allow you to “quickly and intelligently track the user's eyes”. The exact purpose of the function has not yet been reported, but some sources say exactly about the direction of vision, while others – that just when shooting a photo and video, the camera will adjust focus to the user's eyes. Both are pleasing because it is the eyes that are the place the viewer is looking at, and if they are in focus, the whole picture becomes visually much clearer.

Also with the update on the phones Huawei of the P40 series, the Super Night Portrait Mode 3.0 will change. It allows you to get better and more natural images in the dark. The update should make them even better.

New phones Huawei will receive smart eye control and other features

The P40 series camera Huawei will shoot even better.

Finally, Huawei will include the “light signal compensation” function in the new firmware. It is useful for those who shoot video with the front camera using a ring light source. This is not to say that a lot of people do this, but this method of shooting is really gaining more and more popularity. Perhaps the company worked proactively or simply decided to be on the hype. This is especially true in China, where a serious growth in the popularity of such shooting began.

What changes has EMUI already received for Huawei

At the presentation of smartphones Huawei of the P40 series, the company talked a lot about what does not yet exist. It often happens when we are promised something at an official event, but we have to wait from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

The first updates for fresh phones began rolling out on April 8th, a day after the phones went on sale. Those updates brought security fixes. They also added a feature that allows the camera to choose the best shot based on face and pose recognition. In addition, the mode also captured 4K video and allowed you to remove unnecessary people from the frame.

In addition, the first update optimized video recording, added Sound Booster and Find My Phone, optimized fingerprint unlocking, and improved overall phone performance.

New phones Huawei will receive smart eye control and other features

Whoever used it will understand.

The second update for flagships Huawei arrived on April 20th. It brought the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro version EMUI and a camera function that allows you to capture multiple 50MP images and combine them into one for better quality. There were also minor improvements, but they are not as interesting.

In May Huawei the P40 and P40 Pro received the EMUI update The phone has added a picture-in-picture telephoto preview interface. This was done to facilitate viewing objects when magnified.

On June 10, the company deployed EMUI version for the Huawei P40 series – the one I am currently using. The update added a new Petal Search application, which allows users to find software that is not available in the Application Gallery Huawei.

Now we are waiting for new updates and see what will be interesting in them. So far, everything is going well and new functions are pouring in as if from a cornucopia.

How to update your phone Huawei

Updating your phone Huawei is not much different from updating any other phone to Android.

To do this, you need to open the phone settings and find the “System and Updates” item there. Opening it, at the very top you will see “Software Update”. Go inside and click the “Check for updates” button. After that, all that remains is to download and update the phone.

New phones Huawei will receive smart eye control and other features

Updating Huawei is very easy.

Will receive Huawei Android 11

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer here, but Huawei has already proved to everyone who doubted that “cutlets are separate, and flies are separate”. The ban on working with Google does not prevent the company from installing Android on its devices. It only prohibits the use of the services of the search giant.

That is why there are no problems in the update until Huawei herself wants it. Most likely, the company will adhere to a standard two-year update cycle for new models, which will almost certainly receive Android 11.

It is difficult to say if earlier versions of devices will receive it. We will find out the exact information on this a little later, when the release of EMUI 11 and Android 11 will be announced.

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