Netflix is ​​officially coming to Russia. How much will the subscription cost

All of you have come across Netflix in one way or another. Even if you have never bought a subscription, you are probably familiar with such TV series as 'House of Cards', 'Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes', 'Umbrella Academy', 'Black Mirror'. These are all Netflix projects that you have seen or at least heard about their existence from friends. But, despite the high popularity of this platform and the films and TV series that are released on it, it has been represented rather narrowly in Russia until now. That is, it was possible to subscribe to Netflix only in euros, and most of the content could be watched only without translation. But soon everything will change.


Netflix is ​​officially coming to Russia

Netflix will officially start working in Russia in mid-October, Vedomosti writes, citing sources. Its development in the country will be handled by the National Media Group holding, which manages the TV channels Ren-TV, Channel Five, SMS Media, Discovery, Viasat and Turner Media. It will be the sole operator of the service on the Russian market due to legal restrictions that prevent foreign companies from owning more than 20% of the shares of media services operating in the country.

Netflix subscription – price in Russia

Netflix subscription

These are the European prices for Netflix, which are currently valid in Russia

Despite the fact that Netflix will offer the opportunity to purchase a subscription in rubles, the service refused to reduce prices in accordance with Russian realities, as Apple TV + and Apple Music did at one time. Therefore, in terms of euros, the cost of a subscription in Russia will be only slightly lower than in Europe:

  • Basic rate – 599 rubles;
  • Standard rate – 799 rubles;
  • The premium rate is 999 rubles.

In addition to converting prices, the National Media Group plans to adapt the content that Netflix offers. In October, it is planned to translate most of the platform's own content into Russian, and by the end of the year, about 100 domestic films and TV series will be added. True, it has not yet been specified in what form the original assortment will be offered: in dubbing, voice-over, or simply with subtitles. Because the translation can be considered both, and another, and the third. But since you can't captivate a Russian-speaking user with subtitles, you should count on at least polyphonic dubbing.

Video services in Russia

Netflix app

Netflix is ​​unlikely to surpass IVI and Amediateka

It has not yet been specified which series and films of Russian production will appear on the site. Most likely, these will be the work of Channel One, Comedy Club Production and TNT. Therefore, we can count on the fact that up to half of all the content that is currently available on Premier will move to Russian-speaking Netflix: 'House arrest', 'Survival game', 'Chiki', 'Olga'. However, in order not to disappoint potential subscribers, they will most likely be offered something more worthy. For example, 'Viking', 'Legend # 17', etc.

Will Russians flock to Netflix after its official launch in Russia? I wouldn't count on that too much. Despite the fact that Amediateka sells a subscription for the same 599 rubles, it is still quite a lot. Moreover, for India, Turkey, Colombia and other developing countries, Netflix made exceptions and adapted prices to their economies. As a result, you can subscribe from a Turkish account for only 180 rubles against 600 rubles with us. However, let's see. Perhaps the interest in original content will be higher than the power of greed.

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