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“Run, sausage, run,” we think, because this tasty element of the hot dog simply has no other choice: she wants to survive at any cost!

The main character of the time killer of the same name is a sausage who managed to escape from the chef, but this is where her adventures only begin. As befits, there is only one escape location: a huge kitchen with an endless conveyor belt with creepy obstacles. Innumerable presses trying to crush sausage into a cake, sharp industrial mechanized knives, huge jackhammers, and also a scorching heat called 'grill grate', and this is just a part of the available hellish equipment that lies in wait for our poor but incredibly funny hero. Run sausage run

How they play

The creator of the game did not set specific tasks for the user, nor did he come up with levels. The game is completely aimed at the user's interest and his gambling spirit. The only idea of ​​everything that happens with the sausage: if you want to win your result – please restart the game.

Run, sausage, run, bypassing everything in your path, everything except auxiliary chips – boosters. There is no manual for boosters for the player: everything that the hero encounters on the way can only be learned in practice, in the process. But here are some:

  • a snowflake slows down the speed of moving obstacles;
  • blue coins tenfold increase income: instead of one, 10 is credited;
  • up arrow increases the hero, down – decreases.

There are many boosters, and they all differ in function, sometimes they are great help, and sometimes the opposite is true.

By the way, a lot depends on the type of hero. With each new run and collecting coins, more interesting types of sausages become available – sausages and others, with different character and behavior, some are slow, and this is not bad, while others are super fast, which at a fast pace of the game is not always 'good'. You can download similar games and programs on the website

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Each new open character has great skins – from a minion to images of American presidents from different reigns. There are also special costumes – tuxedos, ninja kimonos and many more affordable, but more expensive outfits. Some cannot be bought for in-game currency (coins). However, this variety adds a certain charm and cartoon features to the game.

Sausage control is elementary and will be understandable even for children. And although the creator of the runner declares that the game is suitable for a wide range of users, it warns of the age limit of 7+.

So, with simple tapas, you can set the sausage in motion, slow it down a little or, if you have a booster, jump. Other actions are not provided, but they are enough for new deeds.

The graphics are not the most modern, but they are perfectly executed, colorfully, and set up a positive attitude. Animations to match the hero: smooth, playable at a leisurely pace, well-drawn. The main thing is that they are comical, each in its own way. There is also a background track: you cannot change it, but it is unobtrusive, dynamic and not bad for looping listening.

This funny and completely insane trash will last forever, until the first obstacle not passed. Like? Then you need to download the game run sausage begi, if you are not a fan of hot dogs, who at the very first knife is ready to make a delicious fast food out of sausage, it is for you: this 'killer' of free time guarantees a fun pastime.

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