Is it possible to watch videos with friends while sitting on self-isolation

The world will never be the same! You can say this every day, because everything that surrounds us is constantly changing, but right now everything is changing too quickly to ignore it. The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot. Something was simply canceled, something began to evolve very quickly, and something new appeared. This was not the case before, but the acceleration of processes in society pushed for changes. One example is a new product from Netflix. If you loved watching movies and TV shows with your friends and now you miss it, you have already been taken care of. Now it can be done remotely, but everything will happen as if you are with your friends.

Is it possible to watch videos with friends while sitting on self-isolation

Collective views have their own charm.

How can you establish remote communication

Keeping in touch is the world's first problem in a time of total self-isolation. Only technology can save us. They allow us not to go crazy out of boredom and not fade away within four walls. For this we have a connection. Phone and instant messengers are good, but many people want to at least imitate live communication. For this there is a video link with its pros and cons. And now there are even more advanced methods of communication.

Sometimes in the evening I just want to network alone and watch a couple of episodes of a good series, but this happens on those days when you get very tired and just want to retire. The rest of the time I like to do group screenings with friends or family.

Now it is more difficult to do this, since friends can no longer come to visit so easily. At this time, some developers got their bearings very quickly and offered to use their services for collective viewing. Everything is done in just a couple of clicks.

What is Netflix Party

For example, Nerflix launched a Google Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party. It allows you to communicate and organize collective viewing of content without leaving your home. Of course, this is still “synthetics”, but in times like these, there is no other way out.

Before starting such a themed party, you need to create a link that is sent to all participants. This is somewhat reminiscent of communication through ZOOM, which we talked about a few days ago.

While watching, you can correspond or talk to each other through the built-in messenger.

Is it possible to watch videos with friends while sitting on self-isolation

Netflix Party interface.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this extension can be used only on a computer or laptop and only through Google Chrome. On other platforms, such communication is not yet possible.

The very possibility of co-viewing is free, but the creators of the service offer to thank them through Patreon. Now they are developing their brainchild and trying to add new functions to it. For example, video support and integrated emoticons. If you do not understand something and you still have questions, you can get an answer to them on the official website.

Once the chat room has been created and populated with people, the event can begin. The main thing is that someone alone controls it. If everyone controls the playback, it can be a very strange and surreal picture. Simply put, everyone will interfere with each other.

How to have fun while self-isolating

The above method, of course, is not a complete replacement for going to the movies, but as an option it looks very good. At the very least, you will be able to immediately discuss everything that is happening on the screen and share positive or negative emotions.

In addition to Netflix Party, there are other options for similar services. For example, Metastream and. It was TwoSeven that I liked more than other options. In addition to TV shows from Netflix, it is possible to watch content even from YouTube. In addition to YouTube, there is support for Amazon, HBO, Vimeo and other sources, including the same Netflix. The service is free, but there is a paid subscription that allows you to access even more services, including Disney +.

Is it possible to watch videos with friends while sitting on self-isolation

This is what the co-browsing interface looks like in TwoSeven.

How to use video sharing services

There is nothing difficult in using these services. Simply launching the video is enough, and if the extension is installed, the icon for that extension in the upper right corner of Chrome will change slightly. When you click on it, you will be asked to share the link This link should be sent to your friends and you can start watching.

I only used this view a couple of times, but somehow I managed to get a little imbued with it. I won't say that I became a fan, but there is definitely something in it. It turns out something like a live broadcast. There is a feeling that you are really watching the stream. In general, it is so. You just create this stream yourself based on existing videos.

It seems to me that over time, more and more such services will appear. Especially if the pandemic doesn't recede quickly and we have to spend more time at home. Even after it ends, people will love these things and they will develop. Most likely they will even become part of the proprietary functionality of the applications. Do you think it is worth using these views? Or is it better to just watch and then discuss after a while? Let's talk about this in the comments and our Telegram chat.

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