I already dislike Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

How long have we waited (or not) for the Google Pixel 4a and now we waited. Now the epic with the Google Pixel 5 begins. Here it is already more interesting, since, apparently, it will not be endlessly carried over. We have already heard about what kind of processor it will have and even saw leaks of the camera layout, but now another feature of the novelty that is not pleasant for me personally has surfaced, which I have already criticized several times in separate articles. This time, the Pixel, which I praised at the time for standing out from the rest, will become “like everyone else”, but in a bad way. Is this all and standardization won? I hope not, and the rumors will not be confirmed or will be confirmed, but with some assumptions.

I already dislike Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

Well, no, don't.

What I don't like about the Google Pixel 5 anymore

Now that the world has already been shown the Google Pixel 4a, indeed, we can now talk about the future. The upcoming Google Pixel 5, which will be shown in the fall. Apparently, it will have a higher screen refresh rate, but this is logical for this year's novelty. The other is not logical, but about everything in order.

According to recent reports, the screen of the new Google Pixel will be much larger than what we are used to in past generations. If you believe the latest information, its diagonal will be 6.67 inches. For comparison, last year the larger version of the Google Pixel 4XL was only 6.3 inches diagonal. But it seems that there will be no choice this year, and if you don't like large devices, you will have to look for another smartphone.

I only like big devices sometimes. That is why I do not understand why it is stupid to chase the diagonal in order to measure against someone during a presentation. Isn't it better to give a person a choice? Moreover, the extra 0.3 inches is just a drawback of the pocket. In reality, this will not provide additional comfort of use. If it was just the XL version or something like that, there would be no questions, but I believe that everything goes to the big diagonal.

I already dislike Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

The Google Pixel 4 (or XL) was a normal size. Why change something?

At the moment, even the ASUS ROG Phone models, which were created for games and simply must have a large screen, do not have such a diagonal. So Google Pixel 5 may become not only the largest “pixel”, but also one of the largest phones of our time.

I don't understand why a non-gaming smartphone needs this, when both sites and applications are very well optimized for compact screens. For ten years, developers and designers have done a great job and now not everyone needs a large screen.

Why Google Pixel 5's display is good

New information shared in Twitter by Ross Young, who often makes correct predictions, says that the novelty will receive a screen that will be much larger than before, but is it worth doing this when you already have is there a well-established lineup? Personally, I'm not sure.

Young also noted that it will be the largest Pixel in history. After that, he retweeted himself and added that the new product will receive a screen with a higher refresh rate. Such a move would also be unusual for Google. She usually didn’t make screens that had a refresh rate higher than the market average. Such a move will be somewhat unexpected for her and, perhaps, in this way she wants to attract more buyers, luring them from other more successful models of competitors.

I already dislike Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

Even if the Google Pixel 5 comes in two sizes, they'll likely both be large.

Young says it's not even about 90 Hz. Apparently, the company is ready to immediately swing at 120 Hz. It will not only be above the average for the rank – it will be almost the best value on the market. This matches the refresh rates of the ASUS ROG Phone II, Razer Phone 2, and even the OnePlus 8 Pro. Based on this, we can assume that the Google Pixel 5 will perform well with high-level games, second only to such special gaming smartphones as, for example, the ASUS ROG Phone 3.

This will be better than the Google Pixel 4 anyway, which, apart from lacking a lower refresh rate, also had clear battery life issues. However, it should be understood that these are only rumors, leaks, analytics and opinions, which may not coincide with reality and it will be possible to sum up the results only after the presentation.

Characteristics of the Google Pixel 5

Rumors that the new product will receive a Snapdragon 76 processor 5G can cause a little less doubt. This chipset is slightly less productive than the current flagship Snapdragon 865, but it still pulls very well. By making such a move, the company can save a lot on the internals of the device by making it cheaper.

I already dislike Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

The Google Pixel is good, but slim.

Google has driven itself into a dead end by releasing the smartphone at the end of the year. It turns out that she puts in it an expensive processor, which in a couple of months “turns into a pumpkin” after the release of a newer one. Very soon new smartphones will be released on it and the current Pixel is no longer relevant, but it has an expensive chipset. Perhaps the company has figured out how to solve this issue, and will indeed install simpler hardware in the new product to compete with the price.

Well, at least so. Somehow it is necessary to pull the ruler out of the swamp, in which it finds itself. The company now sells about 10 million “handsets”, while Samsung and Apple fill the market with 200-300 million handsets. The difference is more than impressive, and therefore the best smartphone Android barely makes it into the top ten manufacturers in terms of sales in the world. Perhaps the point is the lack of mass access to international markets or something else, but the situation is kind of sad. And then there's a big screen with no choice …

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