How users are killing smartphones themselves. Five examples.

Every smartphone user wants his electronic assistant to serve him faithfully. It is desirable that he does this as long as possible. There are many recommendations from the manufacturer for this, but sometimes we spoil everything ourselves. As a result, either the smartphone refuses to work before we want to change it, or it loses very much in value upon resale. Everyone mows in their own way, but I personally know one person who does at least four of the five actions given in this article. So that you do not repeat his mistakes, I advise you to familiarize yourself with them. If you know about them, everything is fine – just repeat. If not, it's best to remember them.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

Users are great at destroying their smartphones themselves.

Can I carry my smartphone without a case?

The first thing that spoils the smartphone during daily use is the reluctance of their owners to use covers. They say the sensations are not the same. I am not a fan of such “contraception”, but some would-be owners just need to use covers. And it is desirable that they are thicker.

Now there are very good models that look good, are designed with the design of the smartphone in mind and fit nicely in the hand. It is worth remembering that even the thinnest case model can protect your smartphone, at least from scratches. If it is a little thicker, it also neutralizes the bulging of the camera. I use it primarily for this.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

You can defend yourself like that, but I will overcome it.

Most of all, inexpensive and mid-range models need protection. The flagships are made of materials that scratch very little. But they can be broken, and no one wants to change the screen for a couple of tens of thousands of rubles or the back wall.

Original covers do the best job of protecting, but there are good models from third-party manufacturers. For especially strong protection, you can choose monstrous UAGs, and for everyday protection – anything, up to variants with “Alik”.

Separately, I note that the protective glass on the screen only helps against scratches. Do not trust that they will protect you from breaking. Numerous tests have proven this. The screen won't shatter unless the case deforms when dropped. Glass won't prevent warping, but a good case can.

How to properly charge your smartphone?

Usually, the most questions arise about this. For more information on the recommendations for charging your smartphone, see the article by Vladimir Kuznetsov. For now, we will only highlight the main points.

First of all, it should be understood that the battery basically deteriorates not from frequent or untimely charging, but from the number of its cycles. The more times you charge your smartphone, the more the battery will “go away”. It will start to discharge faster, turn off in the cold, warm up, or all of the above.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

Wireless charging won't hurt your smartphone. Of course, if it's good.

At the same time, do not think that if you charge your smartphone all the time from 40 to 80 percent, then you have never gone through a cycle. Scored a total of 100 percent (2 times 50, 10 times 10, 5 times 20, and so on) – the cycle is dialed.

In case the battery is not working properly, try to calibrate the battery. I recently discussed how to do this. If this does not help, then it is better to go to the service. It is advisable to choose a good service, because we all remember the stories of how smartphone batteries exploded during use.

Most importantly, remember that 99.9% of smartphones have been using batteries for many years, which do not care when they are charged. They have no memory effect. The only thing they don't like is deep discharge. This is when the smartphone is discharged for a long time. If you do not plan to use it, charge it to 50-70 percent, turn it off and put it in storage. So you will prolong his life.

Many people in the old-fashioned way think that it is better to discharge the smartphone more for safer charging. It doesn't work now. This will load the battery above normal.

Can I repair my smartphone myself?

Can! But you must understand that all actions are performed in this case at your own peril and risk. This is especially true for expensive models with expensive components and water protection. You need to understand how to remove the adhesive, how to raise the screen and how to carefully disconnect all the cables.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

You can only repair your smartphone yourself if you know exactly what to do.

If you do not know how to do this, it is better to contact a good service. You can pick it up by the recommendations of friends or reviews on the Internet. But in the second case, you need to study everything carefully. When contacting the service, you will slightly overpay for the work, but you will not risk an expensive smartphone and even more expensive nerves.

I've disassembled smartphones and I know. It seems like a very simple thing, but without experience you come across a lot of stones. Be careful, otherwise the gadget may need even more expensive repairs.

Can I take my smartphone to the bathroom?

There is no definite answer to this question, but I would not recommend it. Aside from dropping it in water, there are other dangers.

The main such hazards will be water vapor and wet hands. So, water can enter the connectors and damage the smartphone. Even if the smartphone is protected from water, steam falling on the contacts settles and leaves salts on them, which can lead to corrosion of the contacts.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

Better not do that!

I don't even want to say once again that in NO EVENT do not use a smartphone that is connected to an outlet in the bathroom .. Even if you are sure that you will not drop its water, the risk of stupid and ridiculous death increases significantly.

Even if you know this and do not do it, I will remind you of one more important point. Do not charge your smartphone immediately after leaving the bathroom. There may be moisture in it due to the steam. This can lead to a short circuit and failure of the smartphone.

Smartphone in the cold and smartphone in the sun

The instructions for a smartphone always indicate under what conditions it can be stored and used. As a rule, the temperature indicated in the documents is rarely much higher than room temperature. Usually, manufacturers are very reinsured, but it is still not worth gesturing.

How users are killing smartphones themselves.  Five examples.

He took it out, did what he needed, put it in the inner pocket of his jacket.

If you leave your smartphone in the sun, it will wear out faster. Primarily, this can damage the battery. That is why it is not recommended to put a smartphone on a car torpedo in summer or hang it like a navigator on a ventilation grill in winter (when the stove is working). If you do so, at least disconnect this duct. In general, I have already told you why you cannot use a smartphone as a navigator.

In winter, carry your smartphone in the inside pocket of your jacket, not the outside. So you protect it from the effects of negative temperatures, its drop when moving from street to room.

How to make your smartphone last longer?

Of course, a smartphone does not last forever and sooner or later it will have to be changed. I have already told you why you should not chase the latest models, and perhaps you will agree with me. And with careful operation, you can sell it at a higher price. But even here there is an alternative opinion. One of my acquaintances said that he did not want to save things (a car, a smartphone, etc.) for someone to whom he would later sell them. As a result, he simply sold cheaper and did not worry about the safety of things.

As practice shows, most of the users want to keep their smartphone in its original form for longer, but do not know how. I have collected the main errors of such users. If you read them, you can understand if you are ready to act in this vein.

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