How to sync notifications Android with Windows 10

Why do owners of equipment Apple love their devices? For a great ecosystem. On Mac OS you can receive calls, answer SMS from iPhone, but even this integration is not perfect. Owners of iOS still cannot sync different app notifications to Windows or Mac OS. Recently, however, advanced integration Android – devices from PC to Windows is offered by the company Microsoft.

How to sync notifications Android with Windows 10

How do I sync notifications Android with Windows 10?

In 2018, the company released a special application called 'Your Phone Companion – Contact Windows'. A strange name, we agree, but it copes with its task. It was first shown at the Build conference in 2018. After installation, it will ask you to log in using your account Microsoft, and then you must grant it the appropriate permissions.

After that, install the appropriate application on the computer. To do this, go to the Microsoft Store and type in 'Your phone' in the search. Next, you need to log in to your PC, and photos, SMS messages and all notifications, including third-party ones, will be synchronized. Some services support the ability to answer directly in this application from Microsoft. One of these is Telegram. The photos section is interesting because you can drag and drop a photo with the mouse to any application, for example, Word or Excel.

Samsung devices have a special integration. If you are the owner of a device from this company, there is no need to download anything additionally to your phone – it is enough to limit yourself to the desktop version. After synchronization, you will see additional items in the application that are not available to the rest Android – users: Phone Screen and Calls. With the first tab, you can fully control your smartphone on your computer. And the section with calls will allow you to call via Windows 10.

Above is a demonstration of all the possibilities of such synchronization.

Does this kind of integration make sense?

This is an interesting question, because if we think about it, we can use the web or desktop versions of applications, the notifications of which are of interest to us. Most people care about notifications from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, VK. Some services offer full desktop applications, while others can send notifications through Google Chrome services.

In addition, modern smartphones are equipped with AMOLED – screens, which allows manufacturers to use the Always On Display function. It is able to always display notifications on the device's screen, even if it is in sleep mode. As a rule, when working with a PC, the phone lies on the table in front of the screen. If any notification appears, lower your head, you can quickly read it on the device screen. Of course, in this case, the answer will need to be distracted by the smartphone, and if this scenario does not suit you, you can use the integration Microsoft.

But there are still advantages

The advantage of this method is that you do not depend on the PC. You don't have to worry about which applications have web or desktop versions and which don't. Any Android – notifications will be right on your computer. And it is certainly convenient. So far, no other service offers the same great integration. And the pairing Windows 10 with Samsung devices is especially good. This became possible due to the cooperation of the two companies. Samsung installs a number of services on its smartphones Microsoft. And it's hard not to recognize their usefulness for owners of Korean devices.

Apple offers more than this

While Apple is not capable of syncing app notifications, its Continuity feature can do a lot. The Handoff function allows you to start where you left off while working with iPhone. This can be, for example, sending a letter. Continuity offers a universal clipboard, the ability to make calls, you can unblock Mac OS if you are wearing Apple Watch, when you scan documents, they will automatically appear on your PC, you can sketch on iPhone and they will be available on the desktop, with the Sidecar function, users can expand the display Mac OS by connecting iPad. And this is only a part of the integration capabilities of the devices Apple. All this is unlikely to ever be received by the owners of Windows and Android, but we do not lose hope.

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