How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

Despite the fact that such a term as camera phone has not been used by us for a long time, smartphone manufacturers are doing everything to bring it back into use. As soon as they are not perverted in attempts to prove that it is their new flagship that is worthy to bear this proud title. As a result, almost all devices from the top segment received 4-5 cameras with colossal resolution and a wide range of available shooting modes. But no matter how hard their manufacturers try, users themselves still consider Pixel smartphones to be real camera phones. And, I must say, absolutely not in vain.

How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

Pixel 4a will be a real camera phone, no matter the single camera

Google Pixel 4a, which will be released in May, will also be able to compete for the title of camera phone, despite the presence of only one main camera. This is indicated by pictures, presumably taken for the new sub-flagship of Google. Yes, two photos that have made it to the public are clearly not the ultimate dream, because to form concrete conclusions, you need to test as many shooting modes as possible. However, what is offered to us allows us to make at least some impression of the capabilities of the device, which takes pictures in a completely flagship way.

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It is very significant that the author decided to demonstrate the high quality of the novelty's camera in contrast, taking a picture each day and in the evening, and then also comparing them with the results of the work Redmi Note 7. The originals of the photos can be viewed at this link.

How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

This is how the Pixel 4a shoots in low light conditions

How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

So, in low light conditions, it removes Redmi Note 7

As you can see, in low light conditions, the Pixel 4a shoots just fine. The picture not only does not suffer from noise or aberrations, but also demonstrates a high level of detail. It is especially interesting to see this effect in comparison with the Redmi Note 7, which has a 48MP camera versus 12MP for the new 'pixel'. I would even say that for shooting in the dark, the Pixel 4a has every chance of not only catching up with, but also surpassing iPhone SE 2020, which it will have to compete with.

By the way, by the 'night' shot, you can draw conclusions regarding the quality of portrait photography. Obviously this is not portrait mode, otherwise the blur would have been more pronounced. This means that the bokeh effect was achieved exclusively by focus work. But this does not negate the fact that even a single module does an excellent job of working out blur. And if you turn on the specialized mode, the subject will probably contrast with the background even more, demonstrating a ringing sharpness.

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How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

This is how the Pixel 4a shoots during the day

How the camera of an inexpensive Google Pixel 4a shoots

And so during the day he removes Redmi Note 7

During the day, the difference in photo quality is also noticeable. Despite cloudy weather, the Pixel 4a does an excellent job of rendering the sky, emphasizing that not the entire sky is covered with clouds, but in some places there are still gaps of different shades. If you look at the photo with Redmi Note 7, it seems that the camera simply did not cope with the changes in lighting. Pixel 4a's detail also wins. Just look at the top right corner where the dry branches of the tree overlap the palm leaves. If in the photo from the camera of the novelty each branch is clearly distinguishable, then Redmi Note 7 turned out to be some kind of mess.

Obviously, Redmi Note 7 is here just as an example, but not as a competitor to the Pixel 4a. Still, these devices belong to different price categories: $ 150 Redmi versus $ 400 for a 'pixel'. Therefore, it would be most logical to compare the 'pixel' with iPhone SE 2020, which can also be considered a sub-flagship model, especially since both are conventionally focused on fans of mobile photography. Another thing is that the Pixel 4a will get both a true night mode and a versatile portrait mode, which the iPhone does not have, which means that for mobile photographers who do not want to spend a lot, there simply will not be a better smartphone than a 'pixel'.

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