How much memory does 1 minute of 8K video take in Galaxy S20?

Samsung unveiled its flagship lineup on February 11, which included the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. Together with them, the company also presented a foldable Galaxy Z Flip, my colleague Ivan Kuznetsov shared his opinion on this device. The S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra offer flagship hardware and all the best. By the very best, we mean the ability to record 8K video. How much does 1 minute of video recording in this quality weigh? We already have an answer to this question! But before that, we suggest evaluating the new Xiaomi Mi 10, which also supports 8K recording.

How much memory does 1 minute of 8K video take in Galaxy S20?

How much memory does 1 minute of 8K video take in Galaxy S20?

According to our colleagues from SamMobile, the size of an 8K video with a duration of 1 minute is 600 megabytes. In comparison, 4K video at 30fps takes between 200 and 350 megabytes depending on bit rate, format, and other factors.

It is also interesting that an 8K frame consists of 33 million pixels, while 4K only of 8.3 million. One would expect an even larger size at this resolution, but the use of the HEVC codec allowed for a significant reduction in size.

At the presentation, Samsung said that now with the S20 it will be possible to shoot films, but in practice, everything is a little different. The S20 only supports 8K shooting for 5 minutes due to the risk of overheating the device. And a similar situation was observed in 2013, when devices with support for 4K video began to appear for the first time. Back then, the flagships were also limited to 5 minutes of video. Moreover, Sony smartphones even turned off during video recording due to overheating.

The minimum modification S20 offers 128 GB of internal memory, so 1 hour of video in 8K will take 36 gigabytes on the device, which, however, is not so much. It all comes down to the 5-minute limit.

Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn't offer true 960fps

How much memory does 1 minute of 8K video take in Galaxy S20?

Where are 960 frames in the S20 Ultra?

Samsung says the S20 and S20 + support 960fps slow motion, with no word on the S20 Ultra. A note on the official website says that the S20 and S20 Plus support slow motion at FHD resolution and 960 frames per second, while the S20 Ultra is capable of shooting at 480 frames per second and HD resolution, and 960 frames on the S20 Ultra are obtained by software interpolation. .

A possible reason for this limitation is that the S20 Ultra's 108MP camera doesn't have enough DRAM to record at 960 frames.

Compromises and marketing

Situations like this around flagship models look a little ridiculous and ridiculous. With the aim of maximizing PR, manufacturers offer consumers features that are not yet suitable for normal use. Who needs 8K video recording, limited to five minutes? And why was the S20 Ultra suddenly deprived of a feature that is available to cheaper models? At the same time, Samsung announces this only in passing on the official website. How so? Marketing has resulted in users being forced to buy a compromise device for $ 1400, not without flaws and nuances that you are unlikely to know about before buying a phone.

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