How much does Google pay Apple and is it legal

While economic and social upheaval is taking place around the world, some companies continue to collaborate as they did before. When you make a finished product such as Android, in which everything is in its place and Google services are there as much as possible to the place – this is normal. Although, this also often raises questions. It's another matter when you start to cheat and try to expand your sphere of influence even more, because this is exactly what Google does, which simply cannot stay at the same level, even being such a huge company. It just has to grow further according to the laws of the economy. Now there are more questions to her and to Apple due to the fact that they are too actively trying to contribute to such growth.

How much does Google pay Apple and is it legal

Despite the controversy and competition, Google pays Apple a lot of money and it's accepted.

Investigation with Apple and Google

A new scandal is unfolding not only in one country, but almost all over the world. The UK government has specific questions for companies Apple and Google. It is they who are currently considering the agreement Apple and Google in terms of antitrust law. The reason for the questions was that on iPhone the default search engine is Google, and not some other. And we are still outraged that we are forced to install Yandex as a basic search engine.

To do this, Google has to pay. Of course, Apple would not just stop choosing their almost competitor. The search giant himself is happy with everything and he agrees to pay, since such payments are not just a loss of money, but an investment that is returned in greater volume.

Google pays billions Apple to remain the default search engine in the Safari browser. Back in 2018, Google paid about $ 10 billion for this honor. Regulators say that in 2019 alone and in the UK alone, Google paid the Cupertinians $ 1.5 billion to remain a mainstream search engine.

How much does Google pay Apple and is it legal

The creator pays billions of dollars to get users to see this page in Safari.

At first, such numbers simply do not fit into the head, but when you understand how much Google makes from advertising, a lot becomes clear. You write a request, on the first line you get an advertisement and Google gets a pretty penny for it. How many queries do you make per day? How many people are there even in one country and how many queries do they make together? Hence the billions.

How Apple and Google are hindering competition

UK regulators scrutinized the search agreement between Apple and Google and found it poses a “significant barrier to entry and development” for competitors, Reuters reported. The UK Competition and Markets Authority has even expressed its position on this issue.

Given the impact of permutations and defaults on mobile devices and the significant market share Apple, we believe that existing agreements Apple with Google create a significant barrier to entry and development for other companies that influence competition between search engines on mobile devices, – noted the regulators.

It turns out that such an agreement cannot yet be called completely illegal, but it is at least on the verge of the law and its violation. Sometimes, however, companies overstep this line. The UK Competition and Markets Authority has proposed several options for changing the agreement Apple and Google to ensure fair competition. One of the options involves the complete termination of such an agreement, but we understand that companies will find another way to agree.

At this stage, all parties to the proceedings, including Apple and Google, are required to provide an action plan to avoid this conflict situation. As a way out of the situation, the output of the “selection screen” is already being considered, on which the user can decide for himself which search engine to use. However, we all know which search engine will be chosen by most of those who see this screen. Google has gone too far and the owners of smartphones by default, in order not to delve into new search engines, will still “google”. Moreover, on iPhone and now you can choose a basic search engine (even Yandex is), but very few people do it.

How much does Google pay Apple and is it legal

Yandex can also be a search engine on iPhone. You just need to go to the settings and select it from five other search engines, including Google.

So far, neither Apple nor Google have given clear comments on this situation, but it is not very pleasant. It turns out that companies are violating the law, but so far not very maliciously and regulators cannot write them billions in fines.

Government claims against global companies

If you look closely at the comments of the authorities, you get the impression that there are a little more questions to Apple, because it does not allow you to choose another search engine. But Google, which pays for this, has its own questions.

These are not the only complaints against companies. Not only has Google found itself at the center of a major scandal in Europe not so long ago, but there are also questions to Apple from the point of view of the AppStore, which, according to lawmakers, including in the United States, everything is not so clean.

As you can see, being a large company, it is very difficult to make money and please everyone. As soon as you find yourself at such a level that you can become a monopolist, they immediately come to you with checks. I will not further develop this topic, draw analogies yourself.

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