Google wants to bring its services back to smartphones Huawei

The confrontation Huawei and Google, due to which the Chinese company lost the opportunity to use the services of the search giant on its smartphones, has had a stronger impact on the industry than one could imagine. Despite the fact that Huawei already had its own AppGallery app store, it was hard to imagine that in less than a year it would become the third most downloaded catalog on the market, behind only Google Play and the App Store. However, it cannot be ruled out that in the foreseeable future the Chinese will abandon the progress made, especially since there really is a reason.

Google wants to bring its services back to smartphones Huawei

Google services may still appear on smartphones Huawei

Google has applied to the White House for a license to resume cooperation with Huawei, admitted the head of the direction Android and Google Play Samir Samat. This is a mandatory requirement, since Huawei, despite clear relief from the US, is still under sanctions and is recognized as a threat to the country's national security. If the authorities consider the request to be justified, they will give Google their consent and indicate a time frame within which the companies can work together.

Will Google services return to smartphones Huawei

Google wants to bring its services back to smartphones Huawei

For Google services to reappear in smartphones Huawei, you need permission from the White House

According to Samat, Google is interested in continuing cooperation with Huawei, and therefore was forced to ask the US government for permission to resume the joint activities. True, when exactly the submitted application will be considered and under what conditions it will be approved, if approved at all, is not specified. Indeed, the country's authorities reserve the right to approve or prohibit cooperation of local companies with foreign enterprises in conditions close to wartime. Previously, a similar application was submitted to the White House Microsoft, which, however, was allowed to cooperate with Huawei.

Google's desire to re-partner with Huawei is understandable. After all, the audience of smartphones and tablets of the Chinese brand is extremely extensive, and the presence of Google Mobile Services in their firmware gives direct access to the information of millions of users around the world. Thus, Google will be able not only to control a huge number of devices, but also to know what their owners are interested in, what they are missing and what they are doing. Otherwise, only Huawei will own this information and will almost certainly use it to create a real alternative to the services of the search giant.

Smartphones Huawei with Google services

Itself Huawei is also quite categorical about returning to Google Mobile Services. Earlier this year, Fred Wangfei, the manager of the Austrian office Huawei, said that the company does not want to be dependent on US policies and the mood of its president, and therefore does not plan to return to using Google services. Instead, the Chinese want to focus on building their own ecosystem so that they can compete Apple and Google at any time.

However, we know that Huawei quite easily changes its mind depending on the current alignment of forces and the orders it receives from above. Therefore, it should not be too surprising if the Chinese, after Google receives a license to resume cooperation, immediately begin to pre-install Google Mobile Services on their devices. After all, in this way, at least they will be able to give users of branded smartphones and tablets, deprived of access to Google Play and Google Pay, to download all the applications they want, and to pay for purchases in a contactless way, which is greatly lacking in the Cold War.

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