Google got nervous: Pixel 3A also sells at a good discount

No need to argue that the Google Pixel 3a is a very cool smartphone. It really is. And given how much it costs, I think its appearance is the best thing that happened to Android last year. It was inexpensive, but in terms of performance it almost replaced the flagship slightly overpriced Google Pixel 3. Personally, I also liked it for the way it lay in my hand. Compact, weighty, but not heavy, pleasant to the touch. In the end, I am happy to use it for about a month while testing it. Then another device came to replace it, but I always remember the Pixel 3a with a kind word. Now I once again remembered about it because Google decided to make a good discount on it. All this should tell us something. The question is what …

Google got nervous: Pixel 3A also sells at a good discount

This smartphone can now be bought cheaper.

How much is the Google Pixel 3a

Until recently, the Google Pixel 3a was available on the Google Store for $ 399 (approximately RUB 29,500), and the Google Pixel 3a XL for $ 479 (approximately RUB 35,500). But in Russia it is more difficult with them and all the same they order everything from the USA or buy from “serovars”.

Even so, a decline in value in the US market still leads to a decline in everyone else. Dealers will “fill the tanks” with inexpensive pixels and bring them to us.

Google got nervous: Pixel 3A also sells at a good discount

The larger version will not get a discount.

Now Google Pixel in the US is giving away with a discount of $ 100 and as a result it can be bought for $ 299 (a little more than 22,000 rubles). This makes the price even more attractive. That's just why the company decided to do this and what can it tell us? Maybe this is a hint?

Google Pixel 3a specifications

This smartphone cannot be called a performance standard, but it is very good in terms of overall performance. Everything on it starts quickly, and the interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements. The smartphone runs bare Android.

In addition, Google Pixel 3a software will be much better supported than the competition due to the fact that Android this is Google. It will be better and updated, unlike some other smartphones, for example, Samsung, which has big problems with this. As with its processors.

Google got nervous: Pixel 3A also sells at a good discount

This smartphone also has a distinctive design.

If you're not chasing a couple of extra frames in Call Of Duty on disguises, then the Google Pixel 3a will delight you with nimble and highly optimized performance. And I consider its small size a plus. A smartphone doesn't have to be big.

When Google Pixel 4a presentation

If the discounts that appeared earlier on Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL could rather indicate that the company is preparing for the release of OnePlus 8 and has dropped the price of its devices in advance in order to discourage customers from the Chinese, now everything is different.

It can hardly be said that Google seriously considers the Pixel 3a to be a competitor to the new expensive OnePlus. The situation here is most likely a little different. The new Google Pixel 4a should be on the market soon. There was no presentation yet, but it was expected that the novelty would be shown at the Google I / O developer conference. It was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the release of the smartphone should not be canceled.

If everything went on as usual, we would have seen the novelty in May of this year, but since there is no point in sticking to specific dates, it may be shown in the near future. To do this, the company began to sell old devices so that people would buy new ones later.

Google got nervous: Pixel 3A also sells at a good discount

The Google Pixel 3a came in two sizes. The Pixel 4a will likely continue the tradition.

Google Pixel 4a has already appeared in the boxes in photos. Now we have received additional confirmation that the wait will not be long. Or…

When will iPhone 9 or SE 2020 come out

There is another likely reason for the price decline. According to rumors, from day to day we should be shown a new iPhone 9 or as it is also called iPhone SE 2 or SE 2020. If this really happens, then the price of the new Pixel 3a will be too high to impose competition. When will the updated Pixel 4a come out, and you have to compete now. Perhaps this explains why Google is nervous and frantically handing out discounts on its smartphones.

Against this background, the price reduction, while only for the regular version, looks very logical. So the company will “kill two birds with one stone”. They will clear warehouses and impose competition on a serious rival.

Although, I am more inclined towards the first option. It seems to me that Google is just cleaning out warehouses and wants to quickly sell everything. Especially in a pandemic, when sales have already fallen. One thing I can say for sure. I've already included the Pixel 3a among the best budget smartphones with a good camera. If you have the option to buy it for $ 299, that would be a great buy. This smartphone, despite the fact that it is already a year old, is still very good. Especially for that kind of money.

True, it may be worth hurrying up, as everyone can buy up. If you can't buy it from the official Google Store, you can check it out at Best Buy, eBay or Amazon. This discount is valid almost everywhere.

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