Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect? No

Samsung at the presentation of Unpacked not so long ago presented the flagship Galaxy S20 line. It may seem that the cost of the novelty does not suit only Russian users, who are offered the S20 Ultra not in the maximum configuration for 100 thousand rubles. Probably, Samsung assessed the risks and realized that it makes much sense to offer Russian consumers modifications with a large amount of memory for 110 and even 120 thousand, probably there is no point – they will not buy.

Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect?  No

Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect? No

And this is the main problem that Koreans faced in 2019. I decided to share my opinion on this, as I came across a review of the device from our colleagues from androidpolice, and even for them a $ 1400 device seems expensive. In addition, they note that although the phone uses a 108-megapixel module, you will not notice much difference in comparison with the previous generation. And for some reason I believe them.

Samsung does not use new design and materials for the case

Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect?  No

Beautiful but boring

Plus, let's take a look at the new flagship in terms of materials and design. The company hasn't done much to change these materials and designs since 2015, when the Galaxy S6 was introduced. 5 years have passed, and we have the same glass on the back panel and rounded ends of the screen. And okay, if you decide to switch from iPhone to Samsung, but the owners of the old phones of the company obviously will not get something radically new, except for support 5G, 120 Hz screen and advanced optical zoom of the camera. .

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is too expensive

The telephone, in my opinion, does not cover the real needs of users, but they want, first of all, some more significant changes for 1400 dollars. This phone is almost 2 times more expensive than the cheapest iPhone 11, which can be purchased for 60 thousand rubles and which will be slightly worse than the super-flagship from Samsung. And given that consumers choose exactly iPhone at the same cost (this is evidenced by statistics), it is not clear for whom the S20 Ultra was released.

Samsung smartphones were once considered a cheap alternative to flagships Apple, but now the situation seems to be the opposite. Even the cheapest S20 is priced at 70 thousand, which is 10 thousand rubles more iPhone 11.

According to statistics, most consumers are not ready to pay more than $ 300 for the Samsung brand, so in 2019 Samsung flagships did not even make it to the top ten best-selling in the world. The leading positions were taken by phones from Apple and devices of the Galaxy A line, the cost of which does not exceed $ 300-350. And it's obvious to me that instead of spending tons of resources every year on revolutionary flagships, Koreans just need to focus on mid-range phones. Even in the West today, people are not ready to pay more than $ 600 for a device, and I am completely silent about Russia.

100 thousand and only 2 years of support

Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect?  No

Only 2 years of support for 100 thousand rubles

In 2013, I bought a new iPhone 5S for 26 thousand rubles. At that time, it was the best flagship on the market. Do you know what is most interesting? I have been using the phone for 4 years and have successfully received all the latest updates. In total, the company has supported the device for 5 years. Just think about this figure. Buying a device for 26 thousand and 5 years do not think about a new device. How do you like that? If I had purchased a Samsung or LG G6 offering a 2K display then, they would have stopped receiving updates after 1-2 years. And, of course, I would have to think about buying a new device.

Samsung flagships are not profitable to buy

Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles perfect?  No

Thus, when users say that it is more profitable to buy Samsung, it makes me laugh, because you can buy a Samsung phone, but after 2 years it will become irrelevant, you will have to buy a new flagship of the company and give another 70-100 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, owners of phones from Apple will continue to use their old devices, and instead of 200 thousand in 4 years, they will spend only 60. How do you like that? In addition, it should be borne in mind that every year the price of Samsung flagships increases significantly.

For some reason, we all evaluate phones permanently – here and now – but for some reason no one thinks about what will happen in a year or three years. Of course, this does not apply to mid-range phones that we change every year, we are talking about flagships, and in this segment people buy for this very reason iPhone, because a flagship is a long-term investment. You can buy a Galaxy A50 for 20 thousand and change it every year, or you can buy iPhone 11 for 60 thousand and replace it in 4-5 years, using the flagship and saving on the annual purchase of new phones. How do you like this view of the situation? That is why I consider the flagships of Samsung and especially the S20 Ultra to be simply irrelevant devices that do not justify the high cost at all.

It is interesting to know your opinion on this issue, share it in the comments and read our news in Yandex Zen.

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