Cashback from LetyShops: we save on purchases at Technosila

Map  Do you agree that online shopping has become much more interesting? And not only because every day there are more and more names of goods, and the conditions for their purchase are more and more attractive. In fact, the process of online shopping today is more like a kind of game, which every day, thanks to the creativity of sellers, is becoming more and more exciting. The freshness of their ideas for attracting the attention of buyers, undoubtedly, should be given credit.

What is creative from Letishops

However, what the service offered to the customers at first plunged everyone into a pleasant bewilderment, and then marked the beginning of the cashback mania. The number of people who have become fans of online shopping under the influence of the brilliant idea of ​​the LetyShops service is growing rapidly.

Why? All ingenious is simple. Letishops invited people to make money on their own purchases and called this unusual process a cashback service, which means 'money back' in English. Now, if, for example, you are interested in household appliances or a telephone, you can look for them in Technosila – cashback will provide you with an obvious benefit from your purchase.

At first glance, it sounds unlikely. How is it: the store returns money for the goods that remain with the buyer? There is an opportunity to check this by purchasing a product with cashback from LetyShops.

Purchase of goods with cashback from LetyShops

Thousands of people have already exercised their right to receive monetary compensation for their purchase and have become loyal fans of shopping in Technosila. This is evidenced by the growth of registrations on the service in order to receive a refund of part of the money paid, as well as purchases on preferential terms: through receiving promotional codes, coupons and the opportunity to take part in numerous promotions held by LetyShops.

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What are the benefits for all parties

Naturally, such a system can only work if each of the parties involved is interested in each other. In other words, it should be profitable for the Technosila store to cooperate with the service, and for the buyer to purchase goods through this service.

This is how it really is. The Technosila store redistributed part of its advertising budget in favor of the service, entrusting it with attracting new customers, and the service decided that nothing stimulates the buyer better than cash.

That is, Technosila pays for each attracted client to the service, to which that part of the money received from the store is returned. In fact, with such a scheme of work, not a single unsatisfied party remains:

  • Technosila gets a new client;
  • LetyShops receives money from the store for a new client;
  • The client receives cashback from LetyShops.

For the convenience of the buyer, the goods in the Technosila store are divided into 9 categories. Each of them has its own percentage of cash returned. Therefore, anyone who is going to make a purchase at the current price for a selected product in the category to which this product belongs can determine in advance how much money they can reimburse for their purchase.

Getting cashback in the store

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How to use

To start receiving money to your account on the service, you need to take just two steps:

  1. Register at letyshops.
  2. Click on the 'Go to the store' button and start shopping, which brings – yes, yes! – income.

It's no secret that Technosila is one of the most popular stores in Russia. The range of home appliances, furniture, toys, mobile gadgets and accessories is simply amazing. This can be confirmed by the 1.5 million Russians who constantly shop at Technosil. Adequate prices, free warranty and impeccable service have always been the reasons for choosing this online store – and so for many years. Now, when you can get up to 5% money back from LetyShops for each purchase in Technosila, the advantages of shopping in the store acquire not only moral, but also quite tangible financial weight.

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