Best fights for Android in 2020

What games to play in lessons or in pairs? Of course fighting games! This article presents the best fights for Android in early 2020. We have prepared both options with the best graphics and games where your reaction speed and ingenuity can become the main force influencing the victory. We are waiting for your options in the comments to the material!

Best fights for Android in 2020

Best fighting games for Android

Final Fighter – arcade game with beautiful graphics

The game offers console-level graphics, as you can see from the gameplay trailer above. In addition, Final Fighter is a classic arcade fighting game where you use one joystick and two or three buttons as controls. The game requires a constant connection to the Internet, as its main gameplay takes place online. You can play both the duel mode and the team battle (3 vs 3). It offers many interesting characters and an interesting storyline that begins its journey in 2050. Final Fighter can hardly be called a full-fledged console, but there are basic combinations, hits, dashes, special moves and stamina controls.

Final Fighter is free, but has ads and purchases built in.


Footsies – when reaction and cunning are most important

Footsies prioritizes the most important feature of old fighting games – footsies. There is only one attack button, but with the help of it and predicting the behavior of the opponent, you can win the round. There is no health level in the game, and you can win the enemy with a special attack.

Footsies allows you to block attacks 3 times per round. The game features 2 regular attacks and 2 special ones. To make a special strike, you must hold down the strike button, and you can convert a regular attack into a special attack if the strike was made after attacking or defending the enemy by pressing it again. Footsies is a pretty difficult game for those who like to read the movements of the enemy. Plus it's free, but there are ads here.


Shadow Fight 3 – smooth animations and beautiful graphics

The main advantage of the game is the amazing and very smooth movements of the characters. In addition, in Shadow Fight 3, the graphics have been seriously improved in comparison with the second part. This is a common, but very high quality and enjoyable fighting game that will appeal to all fans of this genre. Plus, the game is free.


Skullgirls – interesting style and elaborate animations

In 2013, Skullgirls was released on Steam. And after 7 years, owners of Android smartphones can also enjoy it. This is one of the best 2D RPG fighting games. The levels here are made in the style of dark deco. Skullgirls looks very interesting coupled with amazing graphics. In addition, it offers many different combinations, interesting animations and impact effects. By the way, thousands of animations were hand-drawn. The game also offers unique controls adapted for mobile devices. It is suitable for both experienced players and beginners.

Skullgirls features several modes. In Versus mode, you can fight other players online in real time. In story mode, you need to find SkullGirl before she destroys New Meridian. There is a quick play mode where you can compete with other players to unlock new characters. The game also offers daily events for each character and 'otherworldly' battles. You can try yourself in the training mode. The developers are preparing new modes in the future, so you won't be bored. Let's discuss the game of Telegram.


Prizefighters – boxing fans

Do you like boxing? Then Prizefighters is for you. The game is made in pixel style, and the player's task is to press the hit button in time when the enemy opens up. The game has a story mode. To unlock new skills, you need to improve your level. Prizefighters offers weekly online competitions. There is a leaderboard, private chats, and a list of friends. The game supports gamepads, it is possible to completely customize your fighter.


Fighting Ex Layer -α is a console level game on PC

Fighting Ex Layer was first introduced on PC. Later it appeared on mobile devices. The game offers adapted gesture controls that make it unique. In addition, there are amazing graphics and many combinations that can be obtained by combining various gestures. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the lack of variety in the choice of characters.


What fighting games can you offer us? Share your list in the comments below.

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