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The pre-installed applications in the Android system, as a rule, fulfill their function, but at the same time they do not provide wide functionality. This also applies to the calendar. The standard application performs a narrow list of tasks; it is impossible to put a photo of a friend from Facebook on it when he has a birthday or use your own background. In this article, we will try to answer the question – how to choose the best calendar for Android.

The best calendar for Android

What are the calendars for Android

Now let's talk in more detail about some alternative calendars:

  1. The first utility we'll look at is Jorte Calendar. You can find it here. The program has wide functionality and allows you to synchronize multiple devices. In addition, additional themes and icons can be loaded (for money).
  2. The second utility is Calendar Pad. Link to it. This calendar, although it has a spartan design, allows you to do almost everything that others do.
  3. The third utility is Touch Calendar. You can find it here. There are several versions of the utility – paid and free. The calendar was created specifically for touch devices and is equipped with such a newfangled feature as text analysis.
  4. The fourth best candidate on our list for the title is aCalendar. On Google Play, it is located here. The utility allows you to synchronize contacts with social networks and has a palette of more than 50 colors.
  5. The fifth is Business Calendar. The free version is here. As the name suggests, this program is designed specifically for business people. Because of this, each event can be scheduled hourly.
  6. Sixth – Cal. You can download it if you go here. The best app from our review. An ergonomic interface that is not cluttered with details. The utility inserts themed wallpapers depending on the day and date, and besides that, it also knows how to bind them to geolocation data. And with all this, the program is absolutely free!

One note – before setting up a calendar on Android, it is important that all date, time and positioning settings are correct.

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Best calendar for Android: Video

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Annual Calendar for Android

All the applications discussed above, with all their advantages and disadvantages, do not allow planning a year ahead. However, there is also an annual calendar for Android. In the Google store, it is located here. The utility allows you to plan all events for a year. Desktop widgets, a huge selection of palettes and the ability to choose a backlight in different colors – these are just a small part of what provides users with an annual daily planner.

Annual Calendar

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Setting up a classic diary

Few people know, but it is possible to customize the classic calendar on Android. In order to do this, you need to go to the settings, then select one of the items in the general settings:

  1. Hide rejected.
  2. My time zone.
  3. Beginning of the week.
  4. Fixed time zone.
  5. Reminder time.
  6. Fast ringtone.
  7. Pop-up notifications.

After changing one of these parameters, you can achieve smoother work of the diary and customize it for yourself.

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