Bench press: Xiaomi scared of the new iPhone SE 2020

I never liked that Xiaomi was suddenly called Chinese Apple. Not that I was bad for the Chinese or crazy about apple products, but the message itself seemed not entirely appropriate to me. Indeed, according to this logic, any parallel can generally be drawn: Roscosmos – Russian SpaceX, Samsung – Korean Philips, Boeing – American Airbus. In a word, nonsense. But Xiaomi herself, it seems, she really liked this substitution of concepts, and at some point she even decided that she was already able not only to copy the famous brand, but also to compete with it on equal terms.

Bench press: Xiaomi scared of the new iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2 has not been released yet, but Xiaomi is already afraid of it

Despite the fact that iPhone SE 2020, whose release is expected from day to day, has not yet been released, Xiaomi is already afraid of its appearance on the market. After all, not every day a smartphone comes out that millions of users from all over the world are willing to wait for several years. Therefore, in order to slightly reduce the degree of heat, a popular Chinese analyst and part-time member of the investment department Xiaomi Pan Jiutang decided to express his opinion about the upcoming new product, and at the same time explain why modern devices Xiaomi are better. than another hack Apple.

What's wrong with iPhone SE 2020

According to Jiutang, iPhone SE 2, or, as it is also called, iPhone 9, is an extremely specific device and is aimed at an extremely narrow audience.

Bench press: Xiaomi scared of the new iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 doesn't look like a flagship, but it won't be loved for that

First, iPhone SE 2020 is a smartphone for users who prefer small screens. Secondly, its price will not be low enough for many people to afford it. Thirdly, now networks 5G are already available in many places, and you would be very mistaken if you buy a smartphone with 4G. Well, if you are still determined to buy such a device, it would be unlikely to wait a little while the prices for the flagship models of the current generation decline, and take one of them already, – wrote Tszyutang.

Yes, the analyst is right in some ways. For example, in how quickly prices for flagships of the current generation are falling. However, for some reason he persistently ignores several other irrefutable facts.

Why buy iPhone SE 2020

  • First, the owners of iPhone are unlikely to switch to anything else, because iOS really decides in this case.
  • Secondly, iPhone SE 2020 is the flagship of the current generation, because its hardware will really be the top-end.
  • Well, and thirdly, iPhone SE 2020 is a cult smartphone that was doomed to success long before its release. It will not be bought because of the cool display or powerful filling. This is a cult device, although it has not even been released yet, and offering users who have been waiting for it for several years to buy a flagship Xiaomi is a real insult.

What is iPhone better than Android

Bench press: Xiaomi scared of the new iPhone SE 2020

It would be better if Xiaomi started updating their smartphones

Despite the fact that I myself use both iOS and Android, I was always amused by people who were ready to prove with foam at the mouth that their Xiaomi, Meizu or LG – underline what you need – is many times superior to a two- or three-year iPhone, which costs the same money. For a long time I could not understand why they are doing this? After all, if you have the best smartphone, why do you need to prove anything to anyone at all? But then it dawned on me – they are not giving all these arguments to the owners iPhone, who are called slaves Apple, but stupidly trying to convince themselves that they have made the right decision.

But if you can safely use an iPhone for 3, 4, and even 5 years, having access to the most advanced software from the App Store and receiving regular updates, then this is almost impossible with an android. Well, and if you use Xiaomi, I sincerely sympathize with you. After all, as it turned out, the stream with which the company released its smartphones finally turned against it, because whatever update the Chinese released, it invariably turned out to be a real slag, incapacitating compatible devices.

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