AirPods, move over: Google released the Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones

If you thought that only Apple would be able to announce new products a few months before the official release, then this is not the case. Google, like the Cupertino-based company, often does the same, preferring to stake out a place for itself in the market in advance and show competitors what it can do, even if the novelty is not really ready yet. But if earlier Google basically allowed itself this only with software products, then last fall it introduced new Pixel Buds headphones, promising to release them in spring 2020. Welcome to spring.

AirPods, move over: Google released the Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones

Pixel Buds 2 is already available for purchase, it's a pity that not everywhere

Unlike the first generation model, the Pixel Buds 2 have a completely wireless form factor, and the only thing that connects them together is a charging case, similar to the one that comes with AirPods. This plays into their hands, since the TWS headphone format is very popular today, especially since the owners of smartphones running Android did not have their own AirPods, and they had to look for alternative solutions, which always turned out to be a compromise.

Why Pixel Buds 2 is interesting

AirPods, move over: Google released the Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones

Pixel Buds 2 recognize not only voice, but also gestures

Like AirPods, Pixel Buds 2 are controlled by gestures, which are perceived by the back of the headphones peeking out from their ears:

  • One touch – play / pause;
  • Double tap – next track, reject call or stop Google Assistant;
  • Triple tap – return to the previous track;
  • Swipe forward – increase the volume;
  • Swipe back – decrease the volume;
  • Press and hold – Check incoming notifications or activate Google Assistant.

According to Google, the company conducted a large-scale study, in which it studied more than 1000 ears and came to an understanding of what shape the earbuds should be in order to keep them firmly in the ear and not fall out even with strenuous training. For this, Google designers have developed a special three-point attachment system, the main retaining element of which is a bulging plastic arch that rests on the ear cartilage. True, how well it will hold the earpiece and whether it will cause discomfort when wearing it remains to be seen.

What Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods Pro have in common

AirPods, move over: Google released the Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones

Many elements of the Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods Pro are the same

In general, when you look at the Pixel Buds 2, it seems that Google wanted to do, on the one hand, something close to AirPods Pro, and, on the other, something completely different from them. Obviously, therefore, the performance of the speaker itself and many other elements in the construction of Pixel Buds 2 are made very similar to how it was done in Apple. Nevertheless, the very shape of the search giant's headphones is intended to show that Google has its own designers who are able to draw a truly unique product, albeit with an eye on competitors.

But in terms of technological gadgets, Pixel Buds 2 is definitely not equal on the market. Not only has Google developed a special system for passing external sounds so as not to create a feeling of vacuum in the ears of users, but also equipped the headphones with special microphones that recognize speech through the vibrations of the jawbone, and IR sensors that determine if the headphones are inserted into the ears. or not. As a result, as soon as you pull the Pixel Buds 2 out of your ears, playback will be paused.

What you need to know about Pixel Buds 2

AirPods, move over: Google released the Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones

Google's new headphones are not sold in Russia, so Russians will have problems buying them

  • Autonomy – 5 hours of music playback 2.5 hours of calls;
  • The complete case provides an additional 24 hours of work;
  • 10-minute charge provides 2 hours of music playback;
  • Wireless charging supported;
  • Supports the command 'Ok Google';
  • Price in the US – $ 179

It turns out that Google has managed to create very attractive TWS headphones that will be popular with owners of smartphones running Android. It's another matter that in Russia they will not be officially bought anyway, since Google severely limits the number of countries where its products are distributed. Therefore, if you want to acquire new Pixel Buds, you will either need to contact resellers, who, in this situation, do not know when they will be brought to the country, or use mail forwarding services and order a new product somewhere abroad.

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