Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

For more than six months Huawei it has been working under the conditions of the sanctions imposed on it by the US government. We can say that the company is in crisis. It is worth remembering that in the East the word “crisis” is identified with the word “opportunities”. In fact, this is really so, because difficult situations require looking for a way out of them. In this situation, you can always reconsider your attitude to business and try to change something. If these changes are successful, you will come out of the crisis even stronger than you were before. Now the question is whether Huawei will be able to turn the tide in their favor? At the very least, they have what it takes.

Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

The imp of Google services will be difficult.

Is there a future for smartphones Huawei

It is necessary to clearly separate the two concepts – ”Huawei” and ”smartphones Huawei”. Of course, the latter are now having a hard time, and the former have been tightened much less. As a result, the company continues to produce the world's best telecommunications equipment and make good money on it.

I am not a prophet and cannot predict the future, but it seems to me that the company will be able to cope with a difficult situation for itself. True, so far she has only one way out – to fight, create her own app store and impose competition on Google.

To do this, Huawei has an army of fans in China, who both bought the company's smartphones and are still buying, because they don't care that Google services are no longer supported – they don't work in this country anyway.

This army will allow the company to make significant money on the mobile unit and provide feedback on the development of new devices and software. Moreover, Huawei has already managed to develop its AppGallery application store not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. For example, now all Yandex applications are available in it, and it even became possible to pay with bank cards via NFC.

Gradually, there will be more and more applications. True, as many wanted, it would not work to negotiate with Google and include their services in the app store. Even the company's management in one of the interviews admitted such a possibility, but it is very unlikely. First, restrictions are imposed on all Google work with Huawei, and secondly, Google itself may not want to.

Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

Come back – it will be good. Don't come back – well, don't.

On Android in third party stores, Google apps are only available on the Samsung app store. But these smartphones also have Google Play. The availability of some apps in the Apple AppStore is not counted as this is a separate case.

Benefits Huawei

What else does Huawei have in order to overcome the protracted crisis and get out of it on horseback?

Kirin processors

It is important for every smartphone manufacturer to maximize their product optimization. For example, having your own processor, you can write software that will make it work as efficiently as possible. Or vice versa, create a processor taking into account the task and software features.

Currently, only Apple, Huawei and Samsung can boast such a luxury as their own processor. The latter, however, are not doing well with the processors.

Qualcomm's chipsets are great, but they are versatile and require the smartphone to be built around them, not the other way around. This, for example, could rob the Google Pixel 5 of its flagship processor. Huawei is doing well with this and their own Kirin processors can be very useful for them in isolating them from Google and other American brands.

Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

Previously, Kirin left a lot to be desired, to say the least. Now you can be proud of them.

5G in phones Huawei

It is unlikely that the situation will now repeat itself, which was when Siemens was good at telecommunications equipment and its phones worked better than others in cellular networks. Now this direction is dominated by Huawei and who, if not her, knows how to make a good 5G smartphone?

Having such a reserve in this direction of development, the company will definitely be able to impose the struggle on other brands. Again, at least in China, where almost a quarter of the world's population lives and there they love communication.

Cameras in phones Huawei

Cameras Huawei is a topic for a separate article, which has already been written more than once. We can say that the company is cheating with tests and settings, but this still does not demean the dignity of its cameras.

They shoot just fine, and unexpected and disruptive solutions make other manufacturers think about what to offer versus. I'm not saying that cameras Huawei are definitely the best in everything, but they are very good, which is almost the most important thing for buyers.

Innovation Huawei

The Chinese company also lacks innovation. I'm not just talking about cameras, but other solutions as well. For example, about a folding smartphone, which was released in the second generation.

Huawei has other breakthrough ideas as well. For example, I really like her design solutions. The gradients of the case, which they began to develop several generations ago, became the standard for their time. Now many are doing something like that, but it was Ren Zhenfei's company that set this fashion.

Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

Their confrontation will forever change the world of technology.

Subbrand Honor

Having your own sub-brand always has a positive effect on the activities of technology giants. You can always check some solutions or spy on some correct development paths. In general, as they say, two heads are better than one.

An important factor is that not everyone knows about the relationship Huawei and Honor. Sanctions Huawei are well-known, and Honor somehow stayed a little on the sidelines. This makes it possible to sell smartphones under this brand very well. Moreover, they consist essentially of the same components as the parent company's smartphones.

Large selection of phones

Huawei offers a lot of different device models, which, if laid out on one table in all modifications, on each write the price and put it in ascending order, there is hardly a gap between them more than 3-4 thousand rubles.

There are models for any wallet – from Huawei Y5 for 4,000 rubles to Huawei P40 Pro for 70,000 rubles. Plus the models Honor, which are also many. There is even a foldable Huawei Mate Xs, but it comes off a lot in price and costs 200,000 rubles.

Will Huawei be able to get out of the crisis without Google

Would you buy it for 200,000 rubles?

Should I buy Huawei now

It is very difficult to answer this question unambiguously. New smartphones Huawei and Honor are good from a technical point of view, but difficult to use without Google services. And this is not even only the Google applications themselves, but also everything that is authorized through its servers.

On the other hand, there are last year's models that still work great and support all Google services. On them, due to well-known events, they also set a good price tag. I can definitely recommend some of them when buying. I even shared a list of the best smartphones Huawei that you can still buy.

My main message in this article is that the company must survive and for this it has everything it needs. Even if you don't like her smartphones, it will be a shame to lose one of her key players. Let Huawei live (like Apple, like Samsung, like Xiaomi, like others) and let it please us with interesting models and serious competition, and then Apple and Samsung will get bored altogether.

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