Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

When preparing reviews, I often talk about how a smartphone box looks like and how well all the components of a smartphone kit are packed in it. I think that not everyone shares my attention to this detail. It would seem, well, a box and a box, what's wrong with it. It's just a package that you hold in your hands for about 30 seconds before you take out the contents. Someone may save it for later resale, but nothing more. However, the box is very important. This is not an exaggeration. It is the box that tells us even more than advertising slogans, characteristics and much more.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

An example of a good box for a smartphone ..

Smartphone box

Users who have come across boxes of push-button telephones at one time remember that then the devices were packed in completely different boxes. Some were elongated, others flat, and still others opened like a book. There was no single standard and manufacturers tried to distinguish their product from competitors. I don't exactly remember the boxes of all my phones from that time, but the ones that I remember were really unique in some way. It's no surprise if I remember them 15 years later.

Then came the era of pragmatism. Apple, with her inherent attention to detail, released the first iPhone, which was sold in the now familiar “brick”. Other manufacturers initially resisted, but over time the stage of acceptance came and they agreed that this was better and easier. It did not happen right away and I remember how even after 2-3 years there was still such a phrase as: “Aaaa, a box like iPhone”.

Such a box has undeniable advantages. It is easy to put on the shelf of a retail store, it is small and does not pay for air transportation, and most importantly, it is large. That is, it is easy to combine it with other boxes, which is again beneficial from the point of view of transportation. We can say that an extra few centimeters of width will not solve anything, but when tens of millions of smartphones are shipped from the warehouse, this translates into millions, tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in savings on delivery to points of sale.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

Modern smartphone boxes have become 'building blocks' that differ only in color.

In addition, in a box with such small side-edge areas, the risk of damage to the contents is significantly reduced. We can say that it is almost reduced to zero.

What the box can say about its contents

Coming back to Apple, you can recall Steve Jobs's position that the box creates the first impression of the product. The smell that the customer will feel and the materials they touch will lay the foundation for their relationship to the product. What can I say, Jobs proves once again that he is considered a genius for a reason.

Many will say that the box is important only when you give a smartphone. One cannot agree with this, but a smartphone is a rather expensive gift, and it is not the box that comes to the fore, but what is in it. Here we smoothly come to what I wanted to convey with this article.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

All this should be packed well and beautifully.

Smartphone for review

Dozens, if not hundreds, of smartphones have passed through my hands. These were my personal devices, “tubes” of family members and, of course, survey smartphones. We can say that my eye is a little blurry, but I noticed that if the smartphone is packaged well, then the first impression is sometimes overly enthusiastic. That is, if the smartphone was brought in an envelope, then in a couple of weeks I will hardly think worse about it. If it was in a cool box, then I, as it were, on an emotional level, begin to rate the device higher, but then I might be a little disappointed in it.

My main belief is that the packaging of a smartphone speaks about how the manufacturer treats it and how much he respects his potential buyer.

Even among relatively expensive devices, you can find cases when the box is made of thin cardboard, and its contents look like plastic balls inside a rattle. If you shake the box, you can hear the entire palette of sounds. At the same time, there are even cases when the smartphone lies in a tray that does not match its size. It is just casually tucked into a bag so as not to scratch, and lies at the top of the box, like in a trough. This repulses me very much. You can still forgive a state employee for 5,000 rubles, but a device for 20,000 rubles is definitely not.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

This is how everything is dumped into the Jinga Fresh box.

I believe that a manufacturer who is confident that he did something good should simply pack each kit item in a separate pocket inside the box. Everything should be in its place and should not dangle. If this is not the case, I have serious questions for the manufacturer.

You can even sell a smartphone in a package where everything will be loose. The essence will be the same. You will receive a smartphone with the same characteristics, but there will be no pleasant purchase effect.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

If the smartphone is dumped into a box like this, unpacking it will not give pleasure.

It's like buying a car in the showroom. You can just pick up the keys and go to look for it in a dark, dirty parking lot, or you can pick it up from the clean room of the salon. In the second case, the impression of the purchase will be better, although, by and large, it is just “tinsel”. Moreover, even the most inexpensive cars are now sold in this way. So what's stopping a manufacturer from spending an extra dollar on a box of bulkheads? No answer.

Why pay attention to smartphone packaging

An example of good packaging from Huawei. Why can't everyone do this?

If you agree that the box and, in general, the attitude towards the client (a convenient site, sufficient information content, etc.) is more important than what the manufacturer says from the stage, express your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat, but for now answer the question posted below. It is very interesting to hear the opinion of everyone.

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