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Password manager  Online life on the Internet often involves many accounts. Access to personal accounts – either to electronic wallets or to social networks, is possible only with a password. This protects user data, but at the same time poses a significant problem for you. If you try to remember all the platforms where you are registered, and most importantly, the passwords to access them, it can become creepy. Online activity involves almost ubiquitous account creation. And for each new one you will need a login and password. Just for such cases, password managers have been invented – special programs for storing data. This is the most convenient and secure way to access any resource you need.

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There is a category of users who take obvious risks. They use the same universal password in all cases. Of course, this eliminates the problem with memorization. But it can be expensive – as soon as the secret information becomes known to the attackers, everything can be hacked, and without any extra effort on the part of the attacker. So this method cannot be considered safe. Rather, it means an unreliable 'maybe it will blow'. Some users may believe that their passwords are quite original and rarely can anyone guess which one is being used. This is often a delusion.

It is clear that coming up with different passwords, and even remembering them, is not easy. In addition, often during registration, the system warns that the 'password is too simple' or there are 'not enough characters' in it. The task is to come up with such a secret code that could really provide security, in contrast to the popular, and therefore practically useless, passwords that are published in whole lists.

Password managers remove all problems at once: you can come up with an arbitrarily complex cipher and, at the same time, you do not have to keep it in your head. The program will become a secure store of passwords and will allow you to log in from your device without any problems.

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Main advantages

Well, this explains the obvious complications that a password manager can avoid. First, the number of passwords in a person's life is much more than what he can remember. Secondly, according to all security rules, passwords should be changed on average at least once every six months. So the amount of information to be memorized will grow progressively, and the confusion will increase over time. Such programs will keep all necessary passwords encrypted and protected. It is worth noting that if you want to protect your phone from password leaks or any threats, intrusion dangers, you need to use master passwords or two-step authentication. If you lose your password, you need to worry about mobile banking and money-handling applications such as e-wallets or card games. Fortunately, major brands provide RSA tokens to their users, so you can set up 2-Step Verification without any hassle. It will provide an increased level of protection and will not allow you to get into an unpleasant situation of data leakage if you lose your device with all the passwords. Password

You can choose a password manager for every taste. They can be both paid and free with functionality of varying degrees of diversity. On the net you can find a lot of reviews of similar applications, where different options are considered in detail.

The minimum that such programs give is to save data about the login, password, and what exactly they refer to. The rest is details. The way of formatting the stored data differs, the language of use (some programs are Russified, some are not), the interface. Almost every password manager will be able to generate passwords of varying complexity, create storages for passwords of different types, ensure the security of your data with the ability to access your loved ones, if necessary. In some of them, there is a reminder of which passwords it is time to update. Thus, any option chosen in the end is guaranteed to make your life easier, add peace and order to it. Modern digital security etiquette assumes that no one but you cares about protecting your own data. So it's best to do it as soon as possible for your own safety.

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