Vkontakte application for Android

VK  Are you an avid user of the Vkontakte social network and just can't do without your favorite site for a minute? But what if you don't have constant access to a computer at hand? Everything is very simple – the Vkontakte application for Android will help you. It is perfect for most mobile devices equipped with Android OS.


Those who are interested in the new program are concerned about the question: how to install Vkontakte for Android and what are the capabilities of this program? There is nothing complicated and overwhelming in this process. It is enough just to clearly and consistently perform some actions.

Installing the app

The app is constantly being updated. New features were added to it, the functionality that already exists was improved. The latest version has stickers that allow you to express your emotions in an original way without text messages, and the Vkontakte authorization error on Android has also been eliminated. Therefore, each user can feel the simplicity and convenience of this information product.

In order to install Vkontakte on Android, you must:

  • From your mobile device Android follow the link to Google Play;
  • Download the application. Installation occurs automatically, immediately after downloading;
  • Run the program;
  • Enter your username and password for the social network;

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What the app can do

In it you will have access to the following social network features:

  • News;
  • Messages;
  • Friends;
  • Homepage;
  • My audios;

After launching the program, the news feed of the social network immediately appears on the screen. You will be able to find out the latest events and the hottest news, since the application is updated quite often.


In order to go to the answers or comments, you need to swipe the screen left or right.

On the Vkontakte home page you can see your avatar, first and last name, as well as 4 photos and a wall. To see the full information, just click on the block with the avatar. There is also a 'Settings' function. In it you can:

  • Sort friends list by:
    • name;
    • surnames;
    • popularity;
  • Use a secure connection
  • Choose a Push notification or notifications that will come even when the program is disabled
  • Set parameters:
    • Updates;
    • Alerts;
    • Account

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Additional features

There is a function of sending media files through personal correspondence. In the music player, you can create:

  • Personal music playlist;
  • View and listen to the previous and next song;

But not all videos are played. However, there is a hope that the creators of the platform will nevertheless eliminate these shortcomings by providing it with the necessary codecs.

Multimedia Vkontakte

The player is controlled using the notification panel or through the program. The application also allows you to listen to music while using the minimum amount of Internet traffic and OS resources.

In a word, the application allows you to fully use all the functions that are available on the Vkontakte social network.

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