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Time on Android Synchronizing time on Android is a very important thing, of course. It is on the accuracy of the clock of a mobile device that our perception of others often depends. After all, many of us have long given preference to gadgets in terms of determining the current time.

Therefore, in today's article we will learn to arrive on time for important events, and the ClockSync application will help us with this.

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Installing the ClockSync app

Developers position their product as a completely free program, but requires ROOT access for full operation. ClockSync is available for download at.

As it should be from representatives of licensed software, before installing, the application will ask you for certain rights that it needs to function successfully.

Installing Clocksync

Having received the specified permissions, ClockSync is installed in the memory of the mobile device and will patiently wait for further user actions.

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Setting up the ClockSync app

So, let's run the program and check the deviation of the current time on the mobile device from the time on the synchronization servers.

Application setup Application setup

As you can see, there is a deviation, albeit a small one. The time difference is indicated in the line “Offset”. Therefore, the clock of the gadget needs to be adjusted a little. But before that we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the possibilities offered by ClockSync developers. Open the application settings using the context menu.

Settings in the menu Settings in the menu

First of all, we advise you to enable automatic time synchronization by ticking the appropriate box. We draw your attention to the fact that the user is given the right to independently specify the synchronization server. But you should only do this if you are absolutely confident in your actions.

The developers took into account the previous wishes of the Internet community and provided ClockSync with the ability to record the operations performed – you can view the program operation log at any time in the “History and Statistics” section.

History and statistics History and statistics

Let's move on. Option “Define time zone”. This might come in handy for those of you who travel a lot. Why waste your personal time adjusting hours when flying from one country to another? Let the “smart” gadget do it!

Timezone Timezone

As we noted at the beginning of the article, ClockSync strongly asks the user for root access, but the application does its job quite well without it. You just need to specify the required operating mode in the program settings.

Selecting the application mode Selecting the application mode

Well, at the very end of the list of possibilities there are purely cosmetic items: is it worth notifying you that the time is synchronized or not, is it worth turning off the device screen while the program is running, in what color scheme to paint the application, and so on.

Color settings Color settings

This concludes a brief overview of ClockSync settings. It's time to sync our mobile watch. Go to the main screen of the program and see that the time offset has not gone anywhere. Open the auxiliary menu and select the “Synchronize” item.

Synchronization Synchronization

Since our device is “rooted”, the application will ask for permission to get unlimited access to system functions. We allow.

Access to functions Access to functions

After a few moments, the digital clock of the experimental gadget will be synchronized, and the internal time of the system will not differ at all from the reference values ​​on the synchronization server.

Synchronization times Synchronization times

That's all. We dare to hope that we were able to convince you that for the operating system Android time synchronization is a simple and very necessary process.

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