The Scarecrow game is now on Android

Scarecrow game for Android Amanita Design is an independent Czech video game development studio that has developed several well-known quest games: Machinarium, Samorost and others. On November 29, 2018, they ported their latest game, Scarecrow, to Android OS. The game is available through the Play Market.

Scarecrow, that is the name of the main character of the game, is a very strange, dust-like guy who faces various situations that you must help him resolve. On this journey, you will be helped by a red hedgehog – Kekel, and your goal will be to find juicy cherries, and every time you are close to your goal, various obstacles will arise in front of you. It looks like the game was created with a “what if?” Formula, which, by the way, works perfectly. And what if on your way you meet a yellow freak (see at the beginning of the article), a giant's hand that will tease the poor Scarecrow, holding the cherry so that Scarecrow cannot reach it.

The game consists of many funny locations filled with many objects to interact with. To solve the puzzle, you must click on the desired object or find the correct sequence. Amanita Design projects are usually classified as point'n'click quests, but this game turned out to be completely different from the company's previous games, so we recommend taking a look at Chuchel.

The game is strange, but incredibly interesting, with intuitive puzzles, the solution of which is rewarded with a funny cutscene, and in the game there are quite a few of them. Because of this, the company's new game can be attributed to the genre of interactive comedy cartoons.

Scarecrow game

We recommend watching the trailer for the game, which perfectly captures its essence. The scarecrow game is full of surreal images: a yellow crank with a delicious cherry floating in his head; shootout with a tall blue “dude” without eyes, etc.

Scarecrow game for Android

First, the game was released on PC and Mac, and now it has reached Android devices. For their creation, developers ask 179 rubles on Google Play.

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