Tablets or smartphones: who will be the winner


The modern world of computer and mobile technology is so diverse that it is sometimes very difficult to understand what is its basis and what complements it. Time passes and not only the tastes and preferences of consumers are changing: along with them, the market, or, more precisely, the offers on it, undergoes metamorphosis.

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Previously, everything was extremely simple: telephones were cellular communications, computers were exclusively computing machines, and tablets did not exist at all in nature. Today, the functions of all of these devices have been integrated and merged into one. Now phones are smart devices that combine the functions of a PC, cellular communication and multimedia, and tablets, in addition to all of the above, often cope with most of the functions of smartphones.

And yet, what is more expedient to buy: tablets on or smartphones? Or maybe both?

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For calls

It should still be borne in mind that tablets were originally created as an alternative to a personal computer, so the functions of a PC are more concentrated in them than a phone. However, many modern devices are equipped, in particular, with slots for a SIM card and can be used as a 'dialer'. However, a smartphone will definitely cope better with 'mobile' functions – and it is not surprising, because this is its main purpose.

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To monitor the World Wide Web

In the field of network surfing, it is very, very difficult for smartphones to compete with tablets: here the trump card of the Tablet PC is their size: a large screen allows you to correctly display pages of sites, platforms and Internet showcases, the image seems clearer and more pleasing to the visual perception.

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To view multimedia files

Here, the victory again belongs to the tablets, and dimensions again serve as an indisputable argument in their favor – it's easy to guess why. Purchase at MOYO

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For gaming

And again, tablets are breaking ahead – especially on OS Windows. It so happened historically that the majority of users associate games exclusively with stationary computers, and the aforementioned operating system was originally developed specifically for them.

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For working in text and spreadsheet editors

There is practically no fundamental difference in the work of text editors on tablets and smartphones – here they are almost on a par. Except that the size again affects: it is more convenient to view the “canvas” of text on a large screen. However, given the popularity of phablets that have recently appeared on the market, which are closer to smartphones, the chances of competitors can be easily equalized.

The conclusion is obvious: it cannot be said unequivocally that tablets are better than smartphones, or vice versa – despite the very similar functional content, these are still different categories of technology, which in some ways can be compared and compared, but in some it is categorically not worth it. Therefore, it is better to have both for different occasions.

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