Samsung is also releasing a cool wireless charger soon. How is it Apple?

The name of the company Apple got into the title of the article for a reason. This company, in its pursuit of product perfection, often overlooks what is perhaps even more important. Remember how it was about five or seven years ago with rumors about the release of smart watches from the company. Everyone was waiting for them, they were about to appear, and as a result, a whole industry was born on these rumors. By the time Apple Watch was released, other companies had already released a huge number of “analogues”. So it happened with wireless charging. It never occurred to anyone to make a solid rug that can charge multiple devices anywhere on the surface. AirPower kicked off and disappeared. As a result, the working counterparts of AirPower are already sold in full and even Samsung is on the way.

Samsung is also releasing a cool wireless charger soon.  How is it Apple?

Everyone will have wireless charging soon

Samsung Wireless Charger

Samsung's new product for fans of wireless charging, apparently, will be released soon enough and will be called the Wireless Charge Pad Trio. You can see the Wireless Charge Pad Trio in the image below. If you look at its name, it immediately becomes clear how many devices on it can be charged at the same time. “Trio” clearly says that there will be exactly three. Even in appearance, we can conclude that everything will be exactly like this.

The elongated shape of the device shows that there is enough space on its surface for a smartphone, a pair of wireless headphones and a watch. On the right side of the case there is even a special place for the watch, which is separated from the wider part of the last.

Samsung Trio

Apparently, the new Samsung charger will be like this.

The advantages of this wireless charging design are not only that you can put your smartphone on it without looking, but also that you don't need to put a lot of charges around the house. Even the high price of such devices is compensated precisely by the fact that it is enough to buy one such site for the whole family or in the presence of a large number of gadgets. Now there are more and more devices with support for wireless charging, so such accessories are becoming more and more popular.

Cons of Samsung Wireless Charge Pad

However, there is an interesting detail that can make the accessory a little less interesting. If you look at the bottom edge, you'll see a phone-shaped icon, as well as a headphone and smartwatch-shaped icon. It is possible that the places are clearly defined and there is no such thing that you can put the gadget anywhere. Even so, charging will still be much more versatile than single charging. Even here the question arises why Apple did not even do so. Throw in a split charge, and then with fanfare imagine the AirPower Pro at twice the price if you manage to implement multi-coil technology. Well, it's not for me to teach them.


Apple was never able to release something like that. Although it was necessary. Overheating was rumored to be the problem.

So far, we only have an image of the site provided by Evan Blass. Unfortunately, it is not accompanied by information about when the accessory will go on sale, and even more so, how much it will cost.

Nevertheless, we have every reason to believe that the new charging station will appear very soon. Perhaps it will even be shown at the Unpacked Part 2 event, which will take place tomorrow, where we will learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. In light of the recent release of the new Galaxy Note, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2, the release of such charging will be as appropriate as possible and will bring a lot of profit to the company. If everything goes like this, at the presentation we will probably find out the price of the gadget, but the release date may be limited to vague “later.”

Samsung is also releasing a cool wireless charger soon.  How is it Apple?

It is more convenient to charge gadgets this way than separately.

How much does Samsung wireless charger cost for smartphone

However, already now we can assume that the novelty will cost at least $ 100. Samsung already offers several wireless chargers. There are several iterations that represent a single pad designed to charge a single device. The company also released the Charge Pad Duo, which can charge your phone and a smaller add-on device. For example, wireless headphones or smartwatches such as the Galaxy Watch 3. A regular charging station costs $ 40 and the Duo costs $ 100.

Samsung is also releasing a cool wireless charger soon.  How is it Apple?

It starts with 'Duo'. Now we need to develop in 'Trio'.

As such, the Trio will likely cost at least $ 100 and replace the dual charge. There are also options in which dual charging will remain, but will become cheaper, or will remain at its price. And the novelty will be sold for $ 130-150. Of course, this is just a guess, but based on the prices of the other two charging panels, $ 100 would be a great value to count on.

It only remains to add that the Trio will be powered by USB-C. And although only black is shown here, we can safely assume that the site will be produced in white. Now this is happening for other chargers from the company, so expect several color options. Slightly less likely, but still possible, that it will also be released in the actual bronze color for the new line of smartphones. Although, I would not count on this strongly, since the color of the platform is usually selected not for the smartphone, but for the interior of the room, because it will always lie on the table or shelf. Therefore, it should first of all fit under furniture and walls, and few people have them in bronze.

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