Review of Internet browsers for OS Android

Mobile BrowsersThis time we will consider the most popular applications for Internet surfing in the Android mobile OS.

Among the participants there will be such as:

  1. UC browser for android;
  2. Google chrome ;
  3. Opera Mobile;

Review of Internet browsers for OS Android: Video

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Browser overview for Android

And so, let's review browsers for Android and find out which browser is the most convenient.

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Google Chrome

At first, the attention fell on Google Chrome, since in all recent devices Android it is the default browser. If suddenly you do not have it, then you can download it absolutely free of charge, as well as install it on Google Play. I want to tell you about the most interesting functionality in it.

Google Chrome Browser Google Chrome Browser

In the next update, the browser got the traffic control mode. Chrome pays attention to the security of your information and device in general. Suddenly, it will warn you about a malicious site. If the user is interested in the question of whether the android browser supports cookies, then the answer is yes, Chrome can accept cookies, if necessary, this function can be turned off in the settings.

Also, it has quite convenient navigation through the open tabs, if the page is not needed, you can easily close it by swiping your finger to the right or to the left. There is a synchronization of tabs between different devices, for example, you can synchronize bookmarks with a laptop and phone.

Private incognito browsing, which removes traces of visiting websites with the mode enabled. Also, Chrome does not support any browser plugins. The browser itself is lightweight and convenient, and it is possible that the new version will contain the missing functions.

2 Google Chrome Browser Google Chrome Browser

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How to install Opera on Android: Video

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Opera mobile

Next is one of the most famous Opera Mobile. It can also be found and installed on Google Play in the same way with Google Chrome.

Opera mobile Opera mobile

One of the longest-livers from Opera Software. In this version, there is page compression, which can either be completely disabled, or used in networks of mobile operators. By disabling compression, the browser is able to display web pages on Opera's servers without changes; there are no glitches during compression.

There is also the function of synchronizing pages Opera link. Support for scripts (add-ons) as in the desktop version for easier and more convenient use on some sites, for example, the silverlight plugin, which is needed to play audio-video clips, animation and vector graphics.

Search in Opera mobile Opera mobile settings Confidentiality

Bookmarks Opera Turbo

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UC browser

And I completed my list with a very interesting UC browser, also available for free download on Google Play.

The developers of this product in the keywords in the description used such a phrase as 'the fastest browser for android', let's see what this program can do.

UC browser UC browser

In fact, it has everything that a user can want, and maybe even more. Cloud sync of pages between devices; The ability to upload files from websites through the Browser directly to the cloud, and vice versa, to the device. 4 + 2 GB free storage available. Support for compression (saving) traffic, screen backlighting, the ability to download videos to a device from VK, Youtube, screen orientation and so on thanks to add-ons, download manager. There are a lot of add-ons – the mentioned video downloader, manufacturer and QR code scanner, you can save pages to your device in PDF format, and much more.

After installation, at startup, as in many other browsers, you will have to confirm the license agreement. In the start window of the browser itself, you can see the search and address lines, a catalog of Internet resources separated by topics and links of the most popular sites.

Browser settings Browser settings

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that although the search and address lines are separated, the browser correctly recognizes the search query entered in the address field. Yandex search is used by default.

Browser search Browser search

When the start page is shifted to the left, the user will go to the 'Express panel' with open tabs, as well as the applications (links) of the UC Web Store.

In web browsing mode, you can add links to web pages of interest to your bookmarks, home screen, or Express panel. In bookmarks, you can also sort by folders. Unnecessary preinstalled applications and bookmarks can be removed from the express panel.

Web pages are viewed in a similar way to the rest. Text in the UC browser scales well. Also, the functionality of this application has the ability to display only text, a similar solution is available in Opera mobile, this step was taken to save Internet traffic.

Extra options Extra options

You can find out about the version of the application by going to the settings item, and lower the window to the very bottom.

UC should be recommended to anyone who wants to have good functionality from the browser, while maintaining sufficient speed for a comfortable application.

You can download or update the UC browser (squirrel) for free in the Play Store.

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Google Chrome browser for Android: Video

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