Recording conversations: when the law doesn't mind

Recording calls to Android Nowadays you will not surprise anyone by listening to working stationary telephones. Both bosses and subordinates agree that this method of control significantly increases the discipline in the office and allows more efficient use of time. With the help of special applications, today you can observe what smartphone users are doing – just install the program on their mobile device.

When the conversation is allowed to be recorded

Recording phone conversations for Android is a rather demanded function, it's not for nothing that many developers offer it. But you should know that you can only record and listen to your own conversations, since in most countries eavesdropping is a criminal offense.

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For conversation participants

According to Russian law, if you are a participant in the conversation, then you have the right to make a recording without notifying the interlocutor about it. Thus, dispatchers who do not warn clients about a possible wiretapping do not break the rules.

But the boss, who did not notify the staff about the wiretapping, violates the employee's right to privacy of communication. This right is guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution and is more important than, for example, a commercial secret, because it belongs to the category of individual rights. In this case, it does not matter at all from which phone the call is made – from a personal or an office one. Therefore, it will be correct if each employee agrees to the processing of his calls, in particular, using a certain program.


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The boundaries of legality

In the case when the parties to the dialogue are aware of the wiretapping, the law is not violated until the contents of the conversation become known to third parties. As you can see, the existing restrictions leave a wide scope for using such programs both for personal purposes and in production.

The only thing that cannot be done is to install such software on someone else's phone without the knowledge of its owner.

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Today's smartphone apps have a lot more than just capturing conversations. For example, the Reptilicus phone recording software is primarily a security system that will help you find your phone if it is lost or stolen. Its difference from similar programs is that it works hidden. An attacker who stole your gadget will not be able to detect and deactivate it. Wherever the device is, you can receive a signal indicating its coordinates, which will facilitate the search and increase the chances of finding the loss.

While the smartphone is in the wrong hands, you can remotely block access to personal information or even delete it, disable some functions of the device.

Start recording

In addition, with the help of Reptilicus, you can register messages from almost any social network, as well as messenger programs such as Viber or WhatsApp. Any message received on your phone will be recorded and sent to the desired email address. Thus, you not only save information, but also duplicate it.

As for recording conversations, here the user also has a choice – to record all calls in a row, or only from certain numbers, incoming or outgoing.

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A find for parents

Reptilicus is not only the best option for managers who want to control subordinates in the workflow. This is just a godsend for parents. By installing the program on your child's smartphone, you will know:

  • Where is he located;
  • what sites and applications they visit;
  • the content of his conversations and SMS – both sent and received.

Baby phone

If necessary, parental control can be carried out in more active ways – for example, by blocking access to the Internet during school hours. We emphasize that, unlike other programs that exercise parental control, Reptilicus works invisibly, so that the child may not even know that he is being controlled. The main task of adults is to ensure the safety of the little user, both on the network and in the real world, and here the application in question will be your reliable assistant.

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