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Periscope There are dozens of applications in Android and iOS for communication. Recently, services for communication on the air or live broadcasts are gaining popularity. There are many such applications even in the Russian-speaking audience. Take social networks Vk, FB, OK, TikTok – they all allow you to communicate with subscribers and viewers in Live mode. But there is one service that has established itself for a long time and is still very popular among fans of chatting with followers.

Where can I download? User reviews

The service is called Periscope, it is owned by everyone known Twitter, so the services have direct integration with each other. You can download Periscope for Android in the Play Store.

Before downloading, you can look at the reviews of users of the service.

Reviews about Periscope

But each case is individual, it is hoped that the developers have fixed all the problems.

When you start the application for the first time, you will be prompted to log in or create a new account.

You can log in immediately if you have an account of one of the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google. Or you can register an account by phone number. It is worth considering that there will be one account for Periscope and Twitter.

Registration at Periscope

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Key features of Periscope

On the main Periscope tab, you can use the “Teleport” function. The user gets on a random (and maybe not entirely random) live broadcast, which is going on right now.

Teleport to Periscope function

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Live Tab

Here you can watch broadcasts that are currently running and gaining popularity. You can choose any and watch. Often the service offers uninteresting broadcasts for viewing, but it happens the other way around.

Live broadcasts to Periscope

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Broadcasts on the world map

The most interesting thing about Periscope. On the map, you can search for places from which broadcasts are currently being conducted or ended less than 24 hours ago. The map can be moved and scaled. Red dots – the broadcast is on now, blue – ended recently.

Search for broadcasts in Periscope

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Bell Tab (news)

On this tab, you can watch profile updates, for example, those who subscribed to your account (their followers).

Periscope followers list

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It just offers attention to popular Twitter accounts, which have recently been broadcast to the periscope.

Topical in Periscope

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account settings

The settings show all information about your account:

  • Groups – the ability to broadcast for certain individuals;
  • Followers – view all the accounts you are subscribed to;
  • Readers – all subscribers of this account;
  • Blacklist – viewing and managing blacklisted;
  • Broadcasts – view your broadcasts;
  • Recently Viewed – all broadcasts that you recently watched through this account;
  • Superfans – the ability to recruit so-called Superfans through live broadcasts;
  • Stars – the ability to collect special Stars through broadcasts and even exchange them for real money.

Periscope account settings

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Watching live stream

Having switched to a live broadcast, the screen will display the user who is currently broadcasting it, or rather the image of where he will direct the camera. The viewer has the opportunity to comment on the broadcast (this feature can be disabled by the author), put likes, subscribe to the presenter.

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Interaction with the presenter

You can leave comments (1) to the presenter by clicking on a special field, if there are a lot of users on the air, then the comment will quickly disappear among all the others.

You can leave likes by clicking on the screen (2), the more times you click, the more hearts will be sent to the author.

By clicking on the 'share' button (3), you can send the broadcast to your Twitter followers, or tell someone by copying the broadcast link.

The button with three dots will open a menu with additional functions (4). There will be the same functions as on the viewing screen, but you can still view the user's profile, subscribe to it, hide the chat, complain about the broadcast if there is something illegal on it (18+ content, for example).

In the lower right corner, the number of people watching the broadcast at the moment is indicated (5), by clicking on the button, additional information about the broadcast location and views will be released.

Live broadcast to Periscope

After the broadcast is over, you can watch it and rewind it at any time.

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Own broadcast

Of course, in addition to watching broadcasts, there is an opportunity to conduct your own. To do this, you need to click on the red lens icon in the lower right corner. After that, you need to grant the application the appropriate permissions (to the camera and microphone).

We select the type of broadcast, available for everyone or private. We enter the name and you can launch it by pressing the red button below.

Own broadcast to Periscope

Periscope is undoubtedly a worthwhile service for broadcasting. It remains popular and in demand to this day. Nevertheless, it is slowly losing its position due to the large number of more stable competitors. Since such a window can be seen quite often even on powerful devices:

Error broadcast to Periscope

Everyone chooses which messenger to use for online communication and broadcasting.

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