MEmu emulator

MEmu emulator MEmu is a free emulator for running Android applications on your computer. The emulator is quite smart, has all the necessary settings for comfortable work, runs even on weak computers (unlike BlueStacks).

Installing the MEmu emulator

Download online / offline installer from official. site ( The offline version weighs 300MB. Start it up.

Installing memu

  1. Accept the license agreement.
  2. Click Custom to select the default program installation and language.
  3. Click the Install button.
  4. The program will extract the files to the specified directory and configure the emulator. The process will take up to 5 minutes.

Installation completed. Click Launch to start the program.

Launch Memu emulator

I advise you to enable virtualization (if your processor supports it) – this will speed up the work of the emulator several times! Virtualization can be enabled in settings B IOS – item “Virtualization”

Enable virtualization on PC

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Initial setup

Select the language – Russian.

Russian language

Select the keyboard layout – Russian.

Keyboard layout

Next, the emulator will run a check and automatically configure the necessary parameters to work specifically for your computer.

Next, you need to go / create your Google account so that you can download applications from the Play Store. You can skip this step and return to it later. Write down your e-mail address, password, agree to the license agreement.

Memu: Sign in to your Google account

The emulator is installed and ready to use. Log into the Play Store and install the applications you need.

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Usage guide

Let's take a look at all the key points and tricks of working with the Memu emulator.

Memu guide

  • Move the application APK from Windows to the emulator workspace. The application will be installed.
  • Install applications grouped in one window such as contacts, calendar, camera, gallery, browser, etc.
  • Using the search bar at the top of the screen, search for games or programs in the Play Store.
  • Using key bindings, assign keys on your keyboard to control in the game. Just drag the mouse pointer to the desired position on the screen and set a hotkey from the keyboard.

key bindings from the keyboard

  • At the bottom right there are 4 control buttons: Back, Home, Recently launched applications, Menu.
  • To move files between Windows and Android – the emulator, you need to create a shared folder where you will upload music, videos, images and downloads. More precisely, 4 shared folders. To make the emulator see your files, drop them into the selected folders.

Shared folders with Memu emulator

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Side Control Panel Features

On the right are the main controls for the emulator. Let's analyze them.

  • Expand to full monitor screen – your emulator.
  • Keybindings from the keyboard for games. There are 2 control modes available: WASD (movement buttons in the game on the keyboard) and LOL (movement in the game with the mouse). To bind a key from the keyboard: 1) click on the touch area of ​​the screen in the game; 2) press the desired key on the keyboard. To change the scale in the game, hold down CTRL + mouse wheel to zoom in / out. Each game will require a different setup.

Control keys in the game

  • Installing the APK of the application. Just point to the downloaded apk file on your computer and it will be installed in the emulator. Installing the APK of the application
  • Multi-MEmu – you can run multiple copies of the emulator at the same time on your computer. For example, you can watch Android TV and play at the same time. Run multiple Memu emulators
  • Settings – all the basic settings for your emulator. Emulator settings
  • Volume buttons – increase and decrease sound. Change Memu volume
  • Emulation of GPS-receiver operation. You can set any your location. Emulation of the Memu GPS receiver
  • A shared folder. Setting up a shared folder for Windows and the emulator, where you can upload videos, downloads. pictures and music.
  • Synchronizer. Press Ctrl + F9 to start synchronization, Ctrl + F10 to stop. Synchronizer on Memu
  • Installing the application to your mobile device from your emulator. Connect your smartphone to the computer via a cable and install the selected application from the emulator. Installing an application on a mobile device from your emulator
  • Macro recording. Recording sequences of mouse pointer movements, keystrokes to automate your actions in games (to pump up experience and characters without your participation) and applications (performing the same type of operations). A very useful thing that saves a lot of time and effort. There are functions for import and export of ready-made macros. Macro recording
  • End process – forcibly terminates running applications in the emulator, cleans up the RAM.
  • Screen video recording. Record all your actions, create training videos, share the passage of games and much more. To start / continue recording, press Ctrl + F5, pause Ctrl + F7, stop Ctrl + F6. Screen video recording
  • Screenshot. The screen is automatically saved in the previously configured shared folder for Windows and Android.
  • Reboot Android – reboots the emulator. I advise you to do this if Memu is slow.
  • Shake – Creates the effect of shaking off the device.
  • Screen rotation – the function works the same as on your smartphone.

You can always customize the keys in the sidebar for yourself. To do this, select the Add button in the sidebar and set the displayed items.

Sidebar customization

That's all. We have analyzed all the basic settings and control keys of the MEmu emulator. If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

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