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IphoneMany people want to look stylish and modern, but there is not always enough financial resources for expensive luxury items, which include the original iPhone. However, expensive and high-quality brands have long been copied by other lesser-known companies, which, I must say, successfully sell their goods on the world market.

Well, let the Iphone 4S on Android be made in China, and it's okay that its processor is low-power and manufactured by NTS – many dudes think – but the appearance is copied so well! Besides, who will understand where the fake is, and where is the original, when the rest have exactly the same 'original' made in China?

Yes, it's hard to argue with these people, besides, the price for a Chinese iPhone is $ 250, which is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of its branded brother. We will not support rumors on the topic, which of the Iphone 4s on Android is better, but we will simply conduct an analysis.

Comparative analysis of the original device with its copy

For a more objective presentation, we will conduct a detailed analysis of all the characteristics of the devices in turn.

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Externally, the cases of iPhones look the same, along the perimeter of both monoblocs are framed by a rim that acts as an antenna, which is bolted. The fake case is made of aluminum, the original is made of stainless steel.

Fake and original

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Location of connectors and buttons

Buttons, SIM card slot for Iphone 4 on Android have the same location on the device as in the original.

Cable entry

Connectors and buttons

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Front Panel

Both devices are made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

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Rear panel

Also made of tempered glass. The original has an externally embossed surface with a pattern of closely spaced parallel stripes, the sign Apple seems to be pressed into the panel, has a bright shiny silver color. In a fake, the back panel is visually a single smooth surface without relief effects.

Fake iPhone back panel

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The weight

The copy weighs 114 g against 140 g of the mass of the original due to a simpler and lighter plastic case, which, however, is quite well made for a fake.

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The copy has a dual-core processor НТС – 7227-Т НТС Touch 800 MHz, which is barely enough to process operations of a device with great functionality. The original also has a dual-core processor, but already at 1024 MHz.

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operating system

The original device runs on the OS iOS 5, while all actions with the copy are processed by the Android platform.

Copy iPhone 4s to Android

Conclusion: as we can see from the analysis, iphone 4na Android is a pretty nice smartphone, considering its price, the equipment and functionality are decent.

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