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Browser Internet Explorer for Android? Yes, there is also such a browser for Android OS, despite all the statements that the 'donkey' was created only for Windows. Let's see what the browser gives us, which is not the most popular in Windows either. Below will be a link to the home page of the application and to a direct download from our portal.

What is IE for?

So, why did Microsoft decide to develop their own program (for free!) For the OS of their direct competitor? Oddly enough, for the sake of developing their own product, or more precisely, to meet the needs of their customers, who are nowhere without a 'donkey'.

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The fact is that there are many resources of state institutions (tax or pension fund bases), corporate solutions, etc. working only on Explorer. The same applies to a decent part of Internet banking in the Russian Federation. There are sites with databases that operate in a closed area. Many people know what it is about. Other than that, Internet Explorer for Android has decent crypto protection.

Move on. If the station. On a computer, sites of a closed zone, etc. can be launched in almost any browser built on the trident engine, Android is not on friendly terms with the latter. True, this is not the main factor. Everyone knows that organizations, like ordinary users, by the way, are obliged to use only licensed products. And IE comes with Windows for free. True, now there is a long-term legal battle with Microsoft, so that they would not initially pack Windu with Explorer.

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And finally, the most significant advantage of the Donkey is the responsibilities of the parties. As a rule, almost all browser developers disclaim any responsibility even in the license agreement, unlike Microsoft.

When problems arise, especially at the corporate level, there is a real opportunity to find the 'culprit' to cover the damage.

In practice, Gates' company has already compensated for its obligations several times. This motivates serious business to work with Internet Explorer.

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IE for OS Android

IE for OS Android

System: OS Android 2.1 and higher.

  • Russification: no.

Direct download –IE for Android.

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