Innovative Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Note 8Samsung's flagship Note 8 still came out, although after failures with its predecessor, which exploded, many predicted the closure of this series or even the company's division that is responsible for the production of mobile devices.

Even before the official presentation, all the technical specifications of the Note 8 were leaked to the network, and it will not be difficult to find them. But who needs dry numbers when you can talk about the main differences between the most expensive smartphone from Samsung.

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The new flagship of the Korean company has surpassed everyone, and it's not just the price, which was set at $ 1000. Now iPhone 7 Plus is officially not the biggest 'shovel': the new Note 8, although it is inferior to a couple of centimeters in width, but wins in length.

Naturally, Samsung has installed the best display in their flagship that can be found in existing mass-produced smartphones. In this component, their developments are unmatched, and this is not argued even in Apple. This means even more games and videos in the best quality.

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Dual camera

The Koreans have not forgotten about the dual main camera, which finally appeared in their smartphones. Tests have shown that photos and videos come out surprisingly colorful. This is facilitated not only by the additional camera, but also by special adjustment modes: the smartphone itself knows how best to take pictures, depending on the distance to the object, lighting and situation. You can now take clear pictures while on the move.

The pictures and video show that in this component Note 8 is a cut above iPhone 7. So, before the presentation of the new flagship Apple it will be the best in the world; however, it is possible that after it.

Some experts argue that the video could be better. Of course, it can, if you use special equipment for filming, but this is, albeit very expensive, but just a smartphone. Therefore, such criticism may be considered inappropriate. Samsung Note 8 review

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New stylus

Except for the addition of a second camera and an increase in size, the design of the Note 8 has remained practically unchanged, but its S-Pen stylus and the operating mode itself have been seriously updated. The stylus can no longer be inserted upside down, so there will be no problem removing it. Now the sensor feels the pressure and tilt angle even better, and you can make notes or sketches with the new smartphone even under water. By the way, Samsung kept their word and added not only protection according to the ip68 standard, but also preserved a large set of functions when the mobile device was immersed in water.

And finally, some advice from a seasoned buyer. The release of such cool smartphones is always accompanied by some kind of promotions. I am sure that a thematic drawing will soon appear in 'Hello' stores or on their website. Prefer a different seller? And this is possible: as soon as one of the well-known retail chains launches the promotion, all the others will do the same in the fight for customers. So don't miss your chance.

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