How do satellite phones work?

Satellite phone When a person makes a call from a satellite phone, the signal is sent to the satellites of the particular provider. These satellites process the call and relay it back to Earth through the gateway. The gateway then routes the call to its destination using conventional fixed and cellular networks. Operator “Globalstar” has 48 satellites and every call is transmitted via any 4 satellites to the gateways on Earth.

If the person uses a satellite phone to communicate with another satellite phone, the call is sent to the satellite from the caller's phone. The satellite then routes the call back to the recipient's phone without using any terrestrial infrastructure. Thus, satellite phones on the same network can be used to call each other without using any landline or cell phones.

One important thing to keep in mind with satellite phones is that the phone, or the phone's antenna, must be in the public domain to be able to point to the sky unhindered. Satellite phones require a clear, direct connection to the satellite in order to transmit and receive signals. While the telephones of the Iridium provider do not have to point the antenna in any particular direction, the Inmarsat operator uses geostationary satellites. In this case, the antenna of the phone must point directly to the satellite with a clear, unobstructed connection in order to receive the signal transmission.

What are mobile satellite phones?

Satellite mobile phones are the same as cell phones with one major difference. While cell phones can be interrupted if you are outside of a network area, satellite phones cover a much larger area of ​​the network and provide you with a personal, portable communications device with continuous service.

Handheld satellite phones are optimal for exotic travel, rescue and disaster management.

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What are satellite landline phones?

Fixed-location satellite phones are similar to regular landline phones, except that instead of routing calls, satellites are used instead of local infrastructure. The big advantage they have over satellite phones is that they can work from inside buildings and homes. The antenna is located on the roof or anywhere else, which allows the antenna to have a direct connection to the satellite.

So, in a world where effective communication is the key to success, satellite phones ensure you are never out of reach.

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