Hijacked a car? ReCar will help you find!

ReCar app Today's review is about the mobile app ReCar or Return Car, which literally means 'return of the car'. This is a service that significantly increases the owner's chances of returning the stolen car.

How the application works

ReCar works online. By placing an ad about theft, you can be sure that all residents of the city who have installed the application will know about it. If they see your car or a similar car, they will send you a message indicating the location where the loss was found, or they will call the contact number. You simply involve a huge number of residents of your city in the search for a car.

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First impression – simple and straightforward functionality

Agree, if your car is stolen, all your thoughts will be occupied only with the car and ways to find it. ReCar has such a simple and intuitive interface that you don't need to spend a minute to master the functionality of the application. You want to find a stolen car: enter information about it into the database, upload a photo and receive messages from other users about the location of your car. Everything is extremely simple, fast and convenient!

The main screen of the application is a list of cars all over the country that are stolen. By clicking on the ad of any author, you will see photos of the missing car and information about it.

There are also no extra features in the side menu. There you will find the tabs:

  • The base of theft is the main screen of the application.
  • My Ads – the section where you see your theft ads.
  • Messages – messages from people who saw your car anywhere in the city.
  • Settings – Ability to add location, change name, password and set up notifications.

The application does not provide for unnecessary functions, it is designed exclusively for finding missing cars.

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How to find a stolen car

ReCar does not require long-term registration and any actions that are not related to the search for the missing car. To increase the chances of a successful search, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the 'My Ads' section and click the '+' icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Enter information about your car, name the exact place and time of the theft, indicate contact information, special features of the car, and upload a photo.
  • Click the 'publish' button.
  • Receive messages about the location of the car from city residents.

Also, when submitting an advertisement, you can indicate the monetary reward that you promise to pay to the one who will help in finding a car. This will greatly increase the chances of her returning quickly!

It is not necessary to upload photos, but it is advisable, as it will be easier for people to find your car by looking at the images.

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Have you been helped? Help you too!

If you see a car in the 'base of thefts' tab and you know where this car is now, let the owner know its location. To do this, you can click on the ad and:

  • Write a message by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Call the specified phone number by clicking on the handset icon at the top right of the screen.

The application allows just one click to help a person, in whose place, alas, any of the car owners may one day be. By the way, many of them pay a monetary reward to the ReCar user if the information provided to them helps in finding the missing car. Agree, a great motivation to be more attentive on the streets! Car search on ReCar

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ReCar – it works!

When the list of stolen cars is displayed, some positions are not displayed in bright black, but in dim and gray. This means that the stolen vehicle has already been found. There are many such machines that have been successfully returned to their owners, and this is the best reward for the application. It really helps!

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