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Old game consoles: Dandy, PS of the first generation, etc., are iconic in the gaming industry. They gave players a lot of great games that people still remember today. Some of them have been ported to smartphones and tablets, such as Final Fantasy. There are still hundreds of great games on consoles that you can't play without the console itself. However, for this, emulators of old game consoles for Android – devices were created. Unfortunately, these emulators are extremely unstable, so expect bugs and crashes.

Today we will tell you about emulators for Android that can be found today.


This emulator is considered one of the best emulators on Android. It emulates several consoles at once: PS1, N64, Game Boy Advanced / Classic / Color, etc.

ClassicBoy emulator for Android

Among all emulators, ClassicBoy is one of the most stable. It supports save, load, external controllers and gesture control. The emulator is distributed under a free payment model, but you can pay $ 3.99 for the Pro version, which differs from the Lite version in the presence of some functionality.

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Dolphin is a very curious emulator. Its developers went on “vacation” for a while, but now they are back. This time, they promised that they will work on the project for a long time, supporting it with various updates.

Dolphin emulator for Android

This is the only decent emulator for consoles such as GameCube and Wii emulator for Android. This emulator is known for its stable performance. Nevertheless, developers continue to improve their product. Dolphin has functionality typical of all emulators: saving, loading, etc. True, you have to search and download games yourself. At the time of this writing, Dolphin is completely free, but this may change over time.

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DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is considered one of the top Nintendo DS emulators. It offers the same features that are available in other emulators: keyboard and mouse support, saving and loading ROM files. You can also customize the horizontal borders of the emulator screen.

Nintendo Emulator for Android

A distinctive feature of this emulator is stability. Most of the games available are played without major problems, and there are almost no bugs. For access to DraStic DS you need to pay 400 rubles. There is no free version yet, but it is possible that it will appear in the future, since the price for it has been repeatedly reduced. If you feel sorry for giving up 400 rubles in cash, you can try the emulator for a limited time.

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EmuBox is an emulator that has it all. It is very similar to the ClassicBoy, the only difference being the emulated consoles: Nintendo DS, PSX, Dandy, Game Boy Advanced / Color and NES.

$ muBox emulator for Android

The program is made in a minimalistic design, especially for easy use. EmuBox has typical features of all emulators: save / load games, fast forward mode, keyboard and mouse support, etc. You can also customize the emulator as you like: for better performance or a beautiful picture. Owners of weak Android devices will like the emulator's customization options. At the moment, the application is completely free, it also lacks microtransactions. But it does have ads.

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ePSXe is one of two well-known PS emulators. The main principle that guided its creators is simplicity. ePSXe is a very stable emulator, in which bugs, lags and crashes are quite rare. All you need to do is download the game and start playing.

PS1 emulator for Android

Among the features are a very good virtual keyboard with customization, support for external controllers (keyboards, mice), as well as saving / loading ROM files. If you want to play, not hassle with settings, ePSXe is a great choice. The emulator will cost 250 rubles. There are no microtransactions. There is also no trial or even demo.

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Another famous PS emulator. It differs from ePSXe in deep customization. In it you will find many different settings, plugins and other things. If you want, you can raise the graphics settings, or lower them to get a stable frame rate, and also adjust many other small things.

FPse emulator for Android

FPse has the same features as most emulators, such as keyboard / mouse support. If you like to do detailed application customization, then this emulator will suit your taste. Unfortunately, only the paid version is available for 250 rubles.

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Frodo C64

One of the few emulators for the Commodore 64 console. Stable work. However, you will have to suffer with the setup before it starts working normally.

Emulator Frodo C64 for Android

The emulator is open source since it was ported from desktops. Your first impression of the emulator will most likely not be the most pleasant one. But, if you figure out how this application works and can configure it correctly, you will be happy with its work.

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John emulators

Generally, John emulators is a developer of applications for the Play Store, and he has developed a couple of really worthwhile emulators. Here you will find emulators for Dandy, NES and Game Boy Advance / Color.

John emulator for Android

Each of these emulators is considered top-end for the consoles it supports. They support most ROMs and do an excellent job of all basic emulator tasks. The author added a little on his own: cheat codes and fast forward mode. For each of the emulators, the author offers a free version, but you can pay 200 rubles. for the Pro version.

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MegaN64 is one of the best working emulators for Android. It uses open source code from the Mupen64 emulator, which is considered almost the only open source N64 emulator, so it's almost impossible to find a worthy analogue.

MegaN64 emulator for Android

MegaN64 analyzes your device and tries to optimize for its parameters. We recommend using Mupen64 if MegaN64 is not supported by your device. Before using this application, we strongly recommend that you place a restriction on access to your data in order to avoid possible problems in the future.

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MyBoy / My OldBoy

These are emulators for the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy consoles, respectively. MyBoy and My OldBoy are considered to be top-end for these consoles with wide functionality: saving / loading games, fast forward mode, cheats, support from Google Drive, etc.

My Boy - GameBoy emulator for Android

Both applications stand out for their great gaming performance. They are distributed according to a shareware payment model – some restrictions are imposed on the free version, and up to 330 rubles are required for the paid version. After purchase, you get all the available functionality.

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Emulators from Nostalgia

The developer of emulators for Android – Nostalgia devices, offers 3 emulators for Game Boy Color, NES and Game Gear game consoles.

Nostalgia games emulator for Android

Key features include customizable controls, save / load games, keyboard and mouse support. There is also support for a Wi-Fi controller if you have an extra phone. A distinctive feature of this collection is its fair price. The most expensive emulator will cost 270 rubles for an emulator for the NES, while others cost less – 135 rubles each.

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As you might have guessed from the name, this is the best emulator for PSP on the market. It is the most stable, with the largest number of ROMs supported and the most functional of any PSP emulator.

PSP emulator for Android

There is no need to doubt the efficiency. Nevertheless, the developers have work to do. Some games do not start at maximum performance. However, this app does the rest well. Before purchasing the Pro version for $ 4.49, you can try the free version for a limited time.

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Perhaps one of the most unusual emulators in our top. On it you can run various set-top boxes.

RetroArch - emulator for Android

You have to download special files, which are then run inside the application. Each file designates a separate prefix. Most of them work without error. If you like games from different consoles, but don't want to download a ton of different emulators, then use this versatile option. Plus, RetroArch is completely free.

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Emulators by Robert Broglia

A very well-known developer of applications and game emulators for Android OS. It offers several popular and excellent-working emulators for mobile gadgets. The list of supported consoles is quite extensive: Dandy, Game Boy Advance / Color, NES, Commodore 64, Sega CD and others.

Emulator Robert Broglia for Android

The emulator for Commodore 64 is often called the top among all the others, but the rest are also very high quality. All of them have basic functionality, as well as several unique features for each emulator.

Each emulator has a free version – you can use the program for a certain period of time. Then you will be asked to buy the Pro version (from 200 to 530 rubles for each emulator).

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If you miss playing Dandy, then SuperRetro16 game emulator is for you. The project has changed its name several times over the years. This emulator supports all existing games for the console. It also has many different features: fast forward mode, cloud storage support, a large number of graphical and audio settings.

Emulator of games on Dandy SuperRetro16 for Android

The developer provides a trial version of his product for review, then you will have to buy an emulator for 200 rubles for further use.

We hope we forgot nothing, and our list of the best game console emulators for Android devices turned out to be as complete and high quality as possible. Write in the comments if we missed something, or if you want to suggest your top best emulators.

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