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Program for optimizing the work of Android With daily use of the Android device, unfortunately, one has to face problems with its performance. Most likely, you know that a program for optimizing the work of Android can come to the rescue. Now we will take a look at the best applications for optimizing memory on Android, which will be very useful to us.

Optimization product for Android4

We often spend our patience waiting for the response of the applications we are using: they update, download something, 'hang' in active processes, thus taking up the memory of devices. As a result, the response time increases, and sometimes even worse: system errors appear, applications do not respond, or an automatic restart occurs.

So, meet: Clean Master. This application will help to deal with the so-called 'garbage' by selecting and deleting unnecessary files. The program is very popular and available for free use, has a friendly interface and effectively copes with the task.

  1. Go to GooglePlay, download and install CleanMaster on your device.

    Clean Master Accelerator on Google Play

  2. Run the application. The main window will appear in front of you, where there will be a quantitative indicator of the memory load.

    Clean Master after startup

  3. To clean up unnecessary files, select the 'Trash' tile. Wait a couple of minutes: before your eyes, calculations will take place how much space can be freed.
  4. Select the 'Clear' button. It will clean up, after which you will see how much free space you have. Optimization of the Android system took place: the quantitative indicators of the occupied memory have been reduced, and you yourself will see that this will have a very noticeable effect on work.

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Android. Not enough free memory: Video

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Android optimization with process analysis

Also, you will be helped by the best program for optimizing Android – this is Android Assistant. A distinctive feature of this utility is that it performs a complete analysis of devices. In the main menu, you can control all processes. The best optimizer for Android will show the amount of occupied and free memory, and which applications are hanging in processes.

How to work with it:

  1. Install the app.

    Assistant for Android on Google Play

  2. Launch it and you will be taken to the main menu.

    Device monitoring

  3. Click on the 'Quick Clean' button. The number of applications and memory that can be cleared will be displayed

    Fast cleaning

  4. In order to confirm your action, click 'OK'. Optimization for Android will start.
  5. You can also go to the 'Processes' tab and stop the selected ones.

    Processes running on the device

  6. For deep cleaning, see the section 'Clean up the system'. Select the checkboxes that can be removed to optimize the Android system.

    System cleaning

  7. Click on the 'Delete selected' or 'Full check' button for an even more detailed calculation of the occupied space.
  8. Go to 'FileClean', there you will see the amount of space taken up by media files, audio andapk.

    Selecting the 'File Clean' item in the menu

  9. If necessary, click on the 'Full check' button and your device will display other values, recalculating the values.

Optimizing your device with Android Assistant has been completed. After that, you can return to the main menu and see how successful the optimization of the Android system has been. This is the simplest and most optimal solution for your devices.

I am sure that this optimal program for Android will provide you and your device with effective assistance more than once.

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Best Optimization Apps Android: Video

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