Application Android System Webview – why do you need it?

Android System Webview The Android System Webview app is Google's tool for browsing the web without going to the main browser. Previously, it was installed on all models of smartphones based on Android and was used to open links from applications and other actions. Now all these functions are performed by Google Chrome.

If the user needs to use exactly Android System Webview (or Google Webview), then first of all it is necessary to disable Chrome, because they don't work in pairs. This can be done through Settings – Applications – Chrome – stop – disable.

Turn off Chrome browser

After that, you should go to the settings section for developers.

WebView service

In the line “Webview service” the System Webview will be available for selection Android.

Android System Webview

After selection, all links from applications will open bypassing the main browser.

This function is often used by software developers to demonstrate some resources, hosting, etc. If this application is not on the device, then you can download it from the Play Market store.

Android System WebView Android System WebView Download QR-Code Android System WebView Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

After installation, follow a link and the application will work again.

On versions Android prior to 7.1, the failure of Android System Webview can lead to incorrect operation of applications, instant messengers, mail clients. To fix the problems that have arisen, go to the Play Market and update Android System Webview.

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